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The e-celeb conflict between the two famous Internet figures, Ethan Klein (H3H3productions) and Daniel Keem (KEEMSTAR) has been dating back to 2016. That particular year on YouTube is notorious for boosting the practice of e-celeb slap fights and never-ending drama over the pettiest arguments. It did not involve just the two figures, as it initially started off by H3H3 criticizing another content creator named Leafyishere for making fun of underage content creators. The drama would go on for many months, gradually including more and more established content creators (pyrocynical, gradeAunderA, iDubbzTV, etc.)

Note: the video that started the whole shitshow in 2016. Ethan Klein responding to Leafyishere

Eventually the drama itself subsided, and the people involved moved on to either do more of their usual content, or find other targets to call out, because as it turned out, the practice of starting drama with other creators was a very lucrative way of earning revenue on the platform. The 2016 drama in particular resulted in massive channel growth for everyone involved, which despite changes in YouTube monetization, never really ceased to be effective.

Throughout the years, Ethan would occasionally interact with people he previously openly antagonized, using his other lucrative channel, H3 Podcast. With Keemstar in particular, it was a regular conversation without any notable hostilities, despite the ferocity of their previous arguments. Keemstar was already quite a polarizing figure in the community as a whole, having had incidents where his "staff" wrongly pinpointed an elderly runescape streamer RSGloryandGold as a convicted pedophile, which resulted in harassment from Keemstar himself and his fans for a full day, before it was realized that the person in question was not in fact the convicted pedophile.

Ethan would also use his twitter platform throughout the following years to regularly take shots at Keem, both in a direct and indirect manner, but neither side produced any video typical of the 2016 YouTube drama period.



Fast-forwarding to today, H3H3 has decided to restart his feud with Keemstar, by making a "content nuke" video on YouTube, where he regurgitates the already-known events surrounding Daniel.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

In the video he notably points out that Keemstar:

-Has wrongly accused an elderly streamer of being a pedophile
-Has accused JustDestiny of pedophilia (also plays a clip where Keemstar admits to doxing Destiny)
-Was involved in multiple swattings
-Was involved in Etika's suicide


Keemstar's response to Ethan Klein was immediate.


The accusations brought by Ethan Klein regarding Keemstar's involvement in Etika's suicide have been the first large point of contention between the two communities. Etika's girlfriend made a public statement on Twitter, where she denied the accusations made against Keem. Shortly after, she privated her profile due to harassment coming from H3H3's fanbase.


The next day after the release of the "content nuke" video, Daniel Keem's sponsorship with Gfuel ended (Keemstar allegedly suspended it) due to the pressure coming from H3H3 and his fanbase.
This move angered another big content creator, Penguinz0 (Critikal) who disapproved of the precedent set by Ethan Klein.


This quickly shifted the favors against Ethan Klein, who was already under fire for allegations of using Etika's death as a means of attacking Daniel Keem's career. Ethan's attempts to take shots and remain completely clean started to backfire. He proceeded to double down on his decisions after failing to bury tweets in which he explicitly tries to gain information concerning Keem's sponsor.

EYfpGCdWAAAVRhL (1).jpg



(Pictured: the sound of a crumbling narrative)

Currently Ethan Klein is desperately trying to defend his stance on pandering to "cancel culture" in order to eliminate his competitor. There is clear disapproval of the precedent set by such a big creator's ability to affect sponsorships of other significant YouTubers, and despite the "Content Nuke" video affecting Keem negatively and causing an uproar against him, Ethan's constant contradictory statements are continuing to be harmful to his own image.
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Why anyone pays attention to the angry gnome-manlet that is Daniel Keem is beyond me.
Keem should just take the hint and shut the fuck up for his own good.

edit: Both Ethan Klein and Daniel Keem are scum. One knows it but doesn't take responsibility for it, the other pretends like he's the patron saint of YouTube.
I'll let you decide which label applies to whom.
Case in point: People who are rooting for one side, or the other, are both exceptional.
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