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Most should learn a trade.
Accounting is the blue collar of white collar. It’s usually the stepping stone between middle class and upper middle class. Cause you don’t have children of accountants becoming accountants most of the time. They go on to work in Finance or Medicine

Official Pillstream TL;DW Recap - Rock smoking whore edition
⦁ Ralph can't even show up on time for his new whore of the week. Only 10 minutes late! Almost early!
⦁ No technicolor intro. Just the Sunset logo then cut to their new shitty intro with Ethan photoshopped onto wrestlers, lego figures of the killstream, Daddy Dick hugging him in a not gay way... totally not gay... and the Andy-Donga fight.
⦁ Ralph comes on saying he's done over 800 killstreams... He gloats about the imminent Odysee livestreaming.
⦁ Ralph bangs out some superchats that came in before he went live.
⦁ Ralph and Bibble are talking about the kinds of rocks. Bibble's there, and so is CWC. We can hear the porn star but not see her.
⦁ Bibble asks Culture war about being a fireman. According to Bibble Alice says Culture war is gonna come in and save her. Bibble thinks that something is going on.
⦁ Culture war says he is trying to "help" her after she reached out. Culture war says he might not be up for it. He might need an exorcist's help.
⦁ According to Ralph, Alice isn't allowed on show, Chicken Andy banning her.
⦁ Ralph and Bibble want to watch the fight again so Bibble can give a UFC play by play.
⦁ Ralph begs for callers.
⦁ Bibble and the Pornstar do a bit of a play by play, Bibble giving her some tips on how to punch a woman.
⦁ Ralph gives his play by play while Bibble goes over the technique...
⦁ Whore says that Alice is "coming after her second amendment rights"
⦁ Bobbi claims she trolls the porn industry from the inside some how... all while vomiting on jogger cock.
⦁ This Bobbi sounds as burnt out as the last one that was one.
⦁ Porn star also has a dog...
⦁ Pornstar goes on to babble about some porn producer and pornstar, I think the one that he didn't have on... Mercedes! They go over a little bit of what happened there...
⦁ Bobbi goes on to say that she's in tight with a bunch of IP2 people and thought of chicken Andy as her retarded little brother.
⦁ Whore bitches that Alice didn't want to drink or gamble with her in Vegas.
⦁ Bibble thinks Alice was salty that there was another girl there.
⦁ Porn star goes on to say that Alice is a nutcase.
⦁ Culture war thinks that Alice larps as a child to get attention and asspats.
⦁ Thot goes onto say that she got doxxxxed! IP2 has her license plates.
⦁ Porn star says there was a fight Friday that nobody knows about really... She goes over that... Whore was bitching that Alice didn't want to gamble.
⦁ Thot goes onto say that Alice and Chicken Andy broke her diamond necklace and put her in a choke-hold.
⦁ Ralph goes onto say that Alice spray painted a swastika and blamed some other IP2 bitch.
⦁ Porn star lets us know she's of Jewish decent. She explains she just sort of believes in all gods and Culture war sort of chides her about that.
⦁ Bibble gets it back on track and asks the whore about the fight but the thot says she can't really talk about it because of the pending court case.
⦁ Ralph asks for the callers. No callers...
⦁ He claims he's got 1000 people watching at 10:15 but only 682 viewers. He bitches nobody is calling in.
⦁ Ralph pauses for super chats...
⦁ Whore shows off her needlepoint... 400 coachcoin says her legs are covered in track marks.
⦁ Ralph asks about politics to the thot. She said that after Biden got in she gave up. She bitches about watching some Mexican getting shot by a cop in front of her. Pressed on Trump she says she liked the low gas prices but didn't like the "brown ban".
⦁ More superchats. One was insulting so Ralph didn't read it.
⦁ Another caller presses the guest on why she went into porn. Porn star says it was to pay for college. Caller presses her and says it was because of her Jewish upbringing. Ralph freaks out and tries to wrangle him.
⦁ Porn star goes onto say that rock stars all want to fuck and marry pornstars... Thot goes on and on about human trafficing in the porn industry.
⦁ Whore goes onto say that the producers ''force'' people into more hardcore stuff. She says the girls can't go back to normal jobs for reasons... Culture war presses her a bit but she can't really answer him.
⦁ Whore says she's standing on her own two feet. Culture war says she got tired of being on all fours. Thot says she has seizures like Kurt Eichenwald... Gunt's chat is spamming flashing emotes and yelling at the skank.
⦁ Next caller says the human trafficking stuff is less kidnapping and more coercion. Culture war asks the caller if he thinks women are mentally children... Caller says he does. Caller Asks the whore who would win in the fight Prince or Hitler. Its a toss up between the two.
⦁ Next caller is butters but Andy Warski wanders in. Warski got a new haircut for his man bun with shaved sides.
⦁ Andy said he saw one of her videos... Her getting scooped by the loss prevention... thot says she's a method actor...
⦁ Butters asks Andy if he was an only fans reviewer or not... Andy says he was more just insulting women than reviewing.
⦁ Culture war presses on her on how she can raise kids and how they can explain her porn videos to her kids.
⦁ Andy asks her what if her potential kids rip on her for porn. She sounds like she's about to break down as she cope.
⦁ Butters asks the porn star about what she thinks of the Suez canal... She has no answer.
⦁ Ralph goes on about John Delarose and Quartering going into a spat about something.
⦁ Butters goes onto say that porn has been banned in Utah. Porn star goes off.
⦁ Andy admits to being a porn maniac. Gunt laughs his head off about it. He admits he's been porn free for 6 months. Bibble says he's never looked at porn or masturbated.
⦁ Bibble shoos Butters off saying he's too innocent. Ralph bangs out super chats worth less than 2$ after Trovo's cut.
⦁ Whore copes she does porn on onlyfans and other shit to pay the schooling she's still doing at 28.
⦁ Ralph simps for the whore, getting Culture war to back off when the whore took a shot at him about not taking down sex traffickers.
⦁ Andy mentions the Mia Khaliffa shit how she kind of shit on this one studio just because she was underpaid.
⦁ Whore bloo bloo bloos about a lot of the porn stars are runaways who can't read or write English so their contracts aren't valid...
⦁ Andy bitches about how Mia does naked educational videos on youtube and has an onlyfans.
⦁ Bibble asks how well her onlyfans does. Whore says she does well for herself.
⦁ Culture war's giving us another killstream muckbang.
⦁ Superchatter gives a hot take about the whore supporting BLM when 13 do 50, and whites are 25x more likely to be murdered by a black than anyone else.
⦁ Andy chides her too. He presses her on the "protesting" burning shit, and the crime statistics.
⦁ Rand presses her on supporting BLM because she saw a Spanish guy get shot...
⦁ Smoke jumped on the desk and Ralph gave the cat a little love. Best part of the stream.
⦁ Next caller is Dingo... Dingo says he's happier than a pig in slop...
⦁ Dingo can't understand Rand saying hello. Dingo says he was mad until she found out she was from the longnose tribe like him, so he had to sub to her onlyfans...
⦁ Dingo asks the the whore to explain how the usually conservative Jewish nature with vomiting on black dicks.
⦁ Gunt groans to Dingo to finish up.
⦁ Dingo makes a joke about finishing on the guest...
⦁ Next caller... Asks the thot to help Ralph pick out a good casting couch.
⦁ Ralph pauses for more superchats... He says if you're gonna be crazy you should at least be a good fuck.
⦁ Thot copes about how her onlyfans isn't porn.
⦁ Ralph asks if the porn is run by Jews... Thot says its run by muslims and Canadians.
⦁ Culture war asks her about about some Greg Lansky in the industry who she says is French... She copes and subverts saying he's French with muslim money.
⦁ Thot goes onto say that the Greg Lansky was giving girls meth and pills and shit. Also Greg Lansky was totally not Jewish, and it's Canadians and Muslims who run the porn industry.
⦁ Rand presses her on the fact that she thinks that porn is sex positive. He asks her what age is it acceptable to tell her kids that mommy got dicked down for money.
⦁ Rand makes a joke that all the porn producers are at a different synagogue... Thot goes onto insist that the people making porn aren't Jewish.
⦁ Culture war goes onto talk about porn addiction and the Porn thot tries her best to give her best response, but it comes back to her making money off those people...
⦁ Warski goes onto say that 30+ year old virgins are going up and up because guys are too busy cooming. Culture war thinks that it should be banned if its addicted to heroin.
⦁ Porn thot back tracks and says that she wants to ban porn after bitching about Utah wanting to porn.
⦁ Porn thot brags that she got blocked by "pornhub Katie" for calling them out for "trafficking"
⦁ Another caller... He asks her about why someone with value would marry a used up porn thot. She has no answer.
⦁ Culture war brings up the fact that kids have seen more naked women than European kings in the 1400s. Culture war goes onto say porn is worse than prostitution.
⦁ Video caller... Could be John Delarose?
⦁ Another voice caller... No video caller! Some black guy! The black guy from Phoenix! That Jordan guy. Jordan is bummed Alice isn't on tonight... Another caller is coming in...
⦁ Andy lets the panel know Alice was in his DMs...
⦁ Jordan says Bobby needs to go to church. Jordan wishes Warski well then takes his leave.
⦁ Bibble asks Bobbi to show her feet. He then asks for an uwu... she gives us a sad little "uwu"
⦁ Rand asks her who owns Onlyfans. Rand lets her know she's a Ukrainian jew who has ties to human trafficking and drug smuggling. Rand lets us know he's been sued by Microsoft and was charged with like theft and drug dealing...
⦁ Culture war presses her again on the jays in the porn. Porn thot takes her leave.
⦁ Ralph asks the chat to cool it with the anti Semitic remarks... One last caller before they move onto the Quartering V John shit.
⦁ Caller asks about the 23 to watch porn rule Bobbi proposed... Caller also said he thought girls grew dicks and he knew he just liked boobs.
⦁ John asks Warski to show his feet since they're equal opportunity.
⦁ Ralph says he has nothing bad to say about Quarter-pounder... but John Delarose does... He said he wrote for one place then went to work for Milo.
⦁ John says that Quartering wasn't interested in doing anything but grifting. He gets into geeks and gamers... There's another guy named Andrew. He calls G&G a Star Wars whine-fest. He calls them Disney simps.
⦁ The panel goes onto talk about nerd shit. Quartering living off his false DMCAs from Naughty Dog and Sony...
⦁ Ralph looks disinterested. He's probably looking at the thread. Hi Ralph!
⦁ John says Quartering lost his shit when he said that they should ban drugs and gay marriage.
⦁ Ralph is looking visibly upset. He pulls up his little gossip rag.
⦁ John says faggot and Ralph chides him a little.
⦁ Ralph moves onto a prince Harry article. Andy fucks off much to everyone's delight.
⦁ Andy stutters his way through his channels and scurries off to do his stream.
⦁ Butters is back to give his two cents on the quartering shit.
⦁ Butters bitches about how the joggers, faggots and troons ruined his comic books...
⦁ John leaves the stream... Bibble tries to ask him to play D&D with him but he's gone before he can ask. Bibble sounds legit bummed out.
⦁ Bobbi thought Rand from the UK. Rand was in no rush to correct her.
⦁ Ralph moves onto some tweets and Facebook posts.
⦁ Ralph bitches about how long it takes to make the hats as opposed to the shirts.
⦁ Bibble asks what Ralph is doing in Saturday... Bibble asks Ralph if he wants to watch a sporting event and do some bonus content...
⦁ Bibble plugs his shit... Gunt confirms he'll be hanging out with Bibble Saturday charging their JO crystals. Ralph says he's gonna wrap up early.
⦁ Ralph plays the intro accidently then cuts to the outro. Thank Yaahoowa its over.

The porn star he had on tonight was slightly less cooked but twice as vile as the last one. She made my skin crawl and I was born in a fucking cave.
Has Butters ever talked to a woman in his life? Jesus Christ asking some whore about the Suez Canal situation


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Here's the Odysee stream link:

EDIT: Odysee's chat doesn't auto-scroll, this is beyond cursed.


The video source is:



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Congratulations, gunty.

We need a thread on Odysee, tech provided by []
Xander did a good job!

Vanquished Phoenix

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Xander, it's not truuuu I didn't create the streaming technology behind Odysee, in fact it was probably YOU!

Oh. *sadly shakes Smarties*

Wonder if this means Josh won't stream on Odysee? Can't remember why he hates Bitwave. Will Ralph apologize to Xander, begging on Gunted knees?
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Has Butters ever talked to a woman in his life? Jesus Christ asking some whore about the Suez Canal situation
Butters and the rest of the peanut gallery were really based this episode. Them badgering the hoor with the JQ was entertaining. Noted Fecal Sommelier Ethan Ralph should be more grateful for them because they often provide what few laughs there are to be had on the Killstream.


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Butters and the rest of the peanut gallery were really based this episode. Them badgering the hoor with the JQ was entertaining. Noted Fecal Sommelier Ethan Ralph should be more grateful for them because they often provide what few laughs there are to be had on the Killstream.
Agreed, the worst moments were when the Gunt took the broom to himself, disavowing faggot and nigger words, and then that whatever quarter pounder bullshit no one cared about.
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Odysee is just a gay op to get Ethan Ralph streaming on Bitwave - Schizo theory. Good to know a guy who used to brag about getting the IP logs from to dox viewers is working for Odysee and likely doing the same over there. Gunt will never admit Odysee is using Bitwave's servers, it'll wound him ever so knowing that Xander has control over his platform.