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I'm surprised his legs aren't bigger after years of carrying that gunt
You have to actually move alot to gain muscular legs, two types of fatties, barrel chested who work labor, or work out and get the built legs through that.

Or the Ralph kind where they sit around doing nothing all the time, except to get up for more food, and one day they find when they stand up that their legs feel like they are going to splinter. I bet when that happens he moves a mini fridge beside his computer, then he gets a mobility scooter.


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His skinny jeans are so bunched up, especially around the thighs. Ralph, if you're going to be such a gigantic fatass that you have to buy big boy sized pants, have your mothergirlfriend take them up a few inches before you wear them.

Also when she tells you that you look good in anything tight fitting (or that your kicks/fights/pool-bombing are impressive), she's lying to you. I wonder why...
I just wanna reminisce about the original Ralph thread last year. Fucking great time. Having a board is definitely going to make it easier, but it was fun looking away for 5 minutes and seeing 15 pages added. We had spergy derailers, the one dude who wrote essays in every post until he got banned, and a faggot drip-feeding Vickers' cum before getting banned himself.


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Didn't this guy fuck a Possum at some point?
He raped a possum behind an Arby's, that was the most horrific thing I've witnessed, but no comparison to what came next.
He then fished a trashburger out of the dumpester and started eating it while jerking to the possum's carcass.

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Sad. He'll travel to DC to pretend to do IRL streaming before shutting it down to go get drunk, yet he hasn't been to see his newborn son.
Considering it would be a stupid white trash decision to burst in demanding to see the kid you abandoned and who the mother and family no longer want anything to do with you, I imagine this will probably happen soon.


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Keep an eye out for Ralph's behavior today, boys. He may be hung over from a massive booze relapse over the weekend.

Oh and on an unrelated note, we need to look out for any bruises on Ralph's disgusting body. "Bruising easily" is the only symptom of Cushing's Syndrome that we have not yet confirmed on Ralph. It's the final piece to the puzzle.


TRR addy: 202 E 37th St Richmond, VA 901-922-9912
An addendum was put into the Friday podcast which wasn't uploaded until days later and the TLDR is the DC rally was a bust.
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lol last Friday Ralph was saying that this could be really big, that he's seen a lot of people express interest in going.

Doesn't matter. Ralph sucks at IRL and it's all a big cope over how he ended the stream earlier to get hammered. His voice sounds hung over and reeking of weed in this addendum.