THE KIWIFARMS DEATHFAT FITNESS CHALLENGE - Use lolcows to help your health!

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    We need a 3PL


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Feb 21, 2021
Dearest farmers,

Let's use deathfats to motivate us for the better! (this would be sick if this could be in the deathfats thread). As we know, 2/3 of Amerifats are overweight and 1/2 of the UK is too this also happens to be where most of our posters are from. Even if you are not a thickkums, you likely could use some help to your health. Whether this is remembering to eat breakfast, drinking more water, daily vitamins, stretching etc. we can all do SOMETHING to do a bit better!

Thus, I came up with a way to keep accountable using lolcows as markers. Feel free to suggest your own versions! Here's some samples.

Daily Challenges:
  • X number of rep/drink water when Anna uploads an islamic outfit, double the reps for a repost!
  • X number of reps/drink water when Tess uploads to eyefuck herself, extra challenge if it's a lingere shoot!
  • X number of reps when Nikado uploads
  • X number of reps for every $100 Anna spends on Clothes
Semi-Frequent & Monthly Challenges:
  • X before the next Infinifirst of the month!
  • Every time Anna & Tess upload a "workout" do doubles!
  • Extra challenge when Nikado or Trisha Paytas uploads a serious crying video!
  • Extra Challenge when Tess #owns us in the thread by uploading something to prove the haydurs wrong
This Year :
  • X Before Gunt's next baby!
  • X before Nikado reaches 360, 370, 380, 390 and 400lbs
Long Term Goals:
  • X before the next deathfat is put out to pasture
  • X before Jude goes back to streaming
  • X before Anna sizes out of Torrid 5
  • X before Tess' next PAID job
  • X before Saggi is evicted
  • X before Tess pawns off her younger son on someone else
  • X before J starts testosterone
  • X before Anna's ankles fold over her feet in a full fat roll.
  • X Before Trisha Paytas' Divorce!
  • X before Amber lynn is interesting again

Without power leveling too hard, come up with your own plans for what you can do to improve your health using the deathfats as motivation!

Have fun and show em your superior hulthy genetics!


Three Time Survivor of the Rona Jab
May 30, 2013
The how I lost 80 pounds by changing my career field diet.

Step one get a degree where you have direct patient contact in 'Merica.
Step two get a job with direct patient contact in your field with your degree. Super easy now.
Step three observe the patients. One or two major common denominators as to why they are in and out of the hospital, clinic, ED, etc. Spoilers I have yet to see healthy weight or underweight people clog up the healthcare system unless they are geriatric of course.
Step four become a hypochondriac and health-obsessed. Do lots of research on health correlations. Do more research on calories and dieting.
Step five: Lose weight. Have your patients inspire you each and every day not to become like them. Remember all of the health problems that these fat fucks deal with. See fat patients. Remember to lift weights harder. Remember a stay at a crappy critical access hospital is seventeen thousand a night. Also, never forget that being thin saves tons of cash. Being an obese fat fuck is expensive AF. What could you be doing with all that cash that you are saving? Be an underwater tourist of course and keep buying smaller clothes.


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Feb 21, 2021
Going outside in America and just simply looking around you is motivation. But few things make you want to jump in for that extra set like watching ALR waddle down the hall.