The Last Of Us Part II Game Awards - The Last of Us Part II

Is Geoff Keighley human?

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Herb Bride, Child of Boddho
Sekiro is quite the pick for GOTY. Totally surprised it wasn't RE2 or just more Death Stranding.


Herb Bride, Child of Boddho
Wait where the fuck is Half-Life:Alyx? Didn't they say more would be revealed at the game awards?

I have a feeling maybe the first trailer was originally going to be revealed, but then leaks happened and so they revealed it earlier.
No, they pulled out last minute.

Nintendo franchises didn't have a good time tonight
To be fair, they did get a category that was nothing but Nintendo games.

Dom Cruise

True & Honest Fan
I was totally shocked Sekiro won, I actually gasped.

But I'm very happy it did because it deserves it, but it's also really shocking to me to think that I've already played 2019's game of the year, that's the first time that's happened in years as I'm always lagging behind on new releases these days.