Twitter The LFB is attempting to interview Jace -

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Also can is this rehosted like anytime people link to gawker? "Talk to Jace = kiwi farms hits" would probably bad to have become a thing?
I take it back, Jace needs to be on every spazmo's show and make them all look fucking stupid. These fucking exceptional individuals need the commander to own them.
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Wow. This kid is why nobody trusts bloggers. And Jace fucking owned this kid.

#JeSuisStryker. Press :1: motherfuckers.
Pressed the hell out of it.

For people who want to hear something good: go exactly to the 25 minute mark.

Jace: "Everyone at GamerGate knows that I'm the top commander; that's what they call me. I'm the commander. That's what they call me."
Idiot: "I thought GamerGate was a leaderless movement."
Jace: "Well it isn't anymore."
EDIT: Around 27:40ish or so:

Idiot: "Well, if you have gone through journalism..."
Jace: "Yeah, it's not real, you faggot. It doesn't matter what they say or call it, there's so such thing. It's just called blogging. It's just called being a faggot on the Internet."
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I really doubt there'd be a civil suit though. theLFB's best chance for getting out of this without being doxxed is Jace getting slapped around by the cops over recording. A civil suit would make someone's real name a matter of public record... and that happening in the midst of something like GamerGate is not something you should call down on yourself.
I agree on the legal issues you raised but also think they'll never, ever matter because Jace is not getting arrested over recording this shit. Just ain't gonna happen.

It's way more likely he gets arrested for stealing the car. And for all I know, he'll get away with that, too.
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anyone have another link to the interview, I am unable to view it

edit: nevermind, oh god you guys are right the "interviewer" sounds like a dweeb. Go Jace!
edit 2: I wish Jace was louder the sound is not equalized well.
edit 3: I feel like I am listening to two teenagers having a pissing contest. Figures, the wienie would disable comments. I really wish the volume was synchronized better.
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This is awesome. I started the thread yesterday and wanted to help take action against this guy but I'm battling the flu right now. i still do want to do something to help out Jace, but it's gonna have to wait another day or so. Stay tuned.
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I'm only two minutes in, and I can hardly breathe!
"Th-th-th-the thing is, like, if you JOKE about having a bomb, and you didn't, you'd still get in trouble."
"Yeah, well-well, not if the joke was funny, though."
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