World The Most Important News out of Jim Comey’s Explosive New Book

Discussion in 'Articles & Happenings' started by CatParty, Apr 16, 2018.

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    On Thursday evening—like a thunderclap—the new book by James Comey, the Trump-fired former FBI chief, slammed into the political-media world. Comey’s A Higher Loyalty is due out on Tuesday, but stories about what’s in the book, as was inevitable, began detonating several days ahead of the publication date.

    The New York Times posted its review of the work— “It’s Very Persuasive”—leading with Comey’s comparison of Donald Trump to the dishonest mob bosses the former FBI chief used to pursue, those wise-guys who demanded blind loyalty from their minions. The New York Post pushed that angle too, with a headline blaring, “Comey Says Trump Reminded Him of Gambino Mob Boss.” And the Washington Postfocused on Trump’s fixation on the infamous Steele dossier—not its allegations of covert Trump-Russia ties, but specifically its unproven “golden showers” allegation. As Comey tells it, Trump repeatedly insisted to the G-man that this tale was untrue. (In our new book, Russian Roulette: The Inside Story of Putin’s War on America and the Election of Donald Trump, Michael Isikoff and I report that Christopher Steele, the former British intelligence officer who compiled that document, now believes the odds the pee party actually transpired are about “fifty-fifty.”)

    Comey’s observations of Trump are valuable—comments on the size of Trump’s hands aside—and the recounting of his interactions with the president, which offer a few more details than Comey provided when he testified before Congress last year, ought to disturb anyone who cares about having a reasonable and stable commander in chief. Comey clearly knows how to sell this significant and troubling story. But of the material that has become available, one portion of the book stands out as far more worrisome than Trump’s obsession with the allegations of urinating prostitutes or his Soprano-like behavior.

    This is the passage from the Washington Post relating what happened when Comey, then-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, then-CIA chief John Brennan, and NSA head Mike Rogers briefed Trump in early January 2017 on the intelligence community’s report that concluded the Russians had mounted an information warfare attack on the 2016 election to help Trump become president. Midway through its article on the Comey book, the Post describes his account:

    Trump was accompanied at the Trump Tower session by his national security team, as well as by political aides Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer, who were slated to become White House chief of staff and press secretary respectively. Trump asked only one question, Comey writes: “You found there was no impact on the result, right?”

    James R. Clapper Jr., then the director of national intelligence, replied that the intelligence community did no such analysis.

    Comey recalls being struck that neither Trump nor his advisers asked about the future Russian threat, nor how the United States might prepare to meet it. Rather, he writes, they focused on “how they could spin what we’d just told them.”

    With Clapper and then-CIA Director John O. Brennan—both Obama appointees—still in the room, Priebus and other Trump aides strategized for political advantage, Comey writes. The Trump team decided they would emphasize that Russian interference had no impact on the vote—which, Clapper reminded them, the intelligence community had not determined.

    Trump was two weeks away from being sworn in as president. He was just informed that the US national security establishment had confirmed its assessment that Vladimir Putin had covertly attacked American democracy and that this assault was designed to affect the results of the election. And Trump responded with no interest in any aspect of this unprecedented intervention other than its political implications—for him. In front of the leaders of the intelligence community—two of whom would continue to work for him—Trump did not even bother to feign concern. He went straight to what mattered most: What does this mean for me?

    The president-to-be was engaging in a profound dereliction of duty. His No. 1 job is to defend the United States from foreign attack. And he didn’t give a damn. He was kicking off his presidency with an action—or inaction—that could be seen as a betrayal of the nation he was supposed to serve.

    As Isikoff and I point out, after this meeting, Trump tweeted, “Intelligence stated very strongly there was absolutely no evidence that hacking affected the election results.” This was not true. The report did not say that. And Clapper, according to Comey, had explicitly spelled this out for Trump. Still, Trump lied—and Priebus and Spicer went along.

    This anecdote from Comey’s book certainly raises a question of Trump’s fitness for office. It also presents what might be an uncomfortable question for Comey, Brennan, Clapper, and Rogers. They saw an incoming president demonstrate he was unable—or unwilling—to meet his primary obligation. They did not share this with the rest of us. (Rogers still works for Trump, but he is expected to retire soon.)

    Comey’s portrayal of Trump as vain, erratic, ignorant, and dismissive of the important norms of government and law enforcement is not a surprise. Nor is Trump’s private reaction to the intelligence community’s report on the Russian attack. But this particular moment reveals a fundamental flaw of his presidency: Trump does not—and perhaps cannot—truly care about the well-being of the country he leads. It’s good that Comey is telling the public now. But there are others who have witnessed this sort of Trump conduct—Admiral Rogers?—who ought to let their fellow Americans know. That would truly be serving a higher loyalty.
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    CatParty Boo
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  2. Weren't they pushing Fire and Fury or whatever it was like this, too?
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    Tranhuviya Rage of Dust
  3. I'm glad that these journalists have found the shocking revelation that Drumpf = a bad in this book. Some truly insightful stuff.
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    Y2K Baby

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  4. There's still no evidence of Russian collusion
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  5. We were discussing this in chat one fine day. If this is most of the book, I can’t wait until it’s released to the public for us non-establishment types. 2A11039D-C55D-4351-AE55-021B981BBD66.jpeg
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  6. This looks like something /pol/ made up.
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    Trash Eater

    Trash Eater Keeper of the Ali Baba sword
  7. The hell is this, G-man?
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    Tranhuviya Rage of Dust
  8. Literally : this book....

    Comey is such a faggot, he just keeps making Trump look alpha.
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    heathercho 何でやねん?
  9. This reads like the set up to a loud, filthy sex scene.
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    PurpleDude Pussburglar
  10. I heard this book was petty but holy shit. Comey comes off as someone whom people only liked because they thought they had to like him.
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  11. This is Kiwi Orchards-tier fanfiction. Seriously, this is the exact same tone of writing Russell Greer uses to describe his encounters with pop stars that won't fuck him.
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    neural Pirate King
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  12. Comey is ass mad that Trump doesn't respect the intelligence community, and he fucking shouldn't. I also don't know why Trump was supposed to be doing the presidents job before being sworn in.

    Oh my god Comey sounds like Martin Prince
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    sperginity crescent fresh
  13. I want to say that’s obviously fake but in this day and age there’s no way to know anymore.
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    Testaclese Maximus

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  14. I forgot to watch the interview last night, but I remember in the TV spot George Stephanopoulos asked Comey about him portraying Trump as a mob boss. I thought he was just talking about a throw-away line he had zoned in on. :story:
    Kari Kamiya

    Kari Kamiya Mewtwo Strikes Back
  15. The spectre of the pee pee tape looms over Drumpf once again. Surely he will be finished this time.
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  16. Frankly, I think the most interesting aspect of Comey's book so far is the revelation where-in he admits that the only reason he re-opened Hillary's email case is because he thought he was working inside of an environment where a Clinton Presidency was all but assured, otherwise he'd have just buried it into the back of the filing cabinet because he wanted to keep his job once she'd been inaugurated. The book and his subsequent interview also outlined how he failed to disclose the fact that the Steele dossier was being funded by his political opponents.

    It was perhaps a tiny bit unwise to put that in writing and shovel that into your published autobiography, especially given that the first leg of the OIG report has already hit the shelves and is ripping Andrew McCabe to shreds (There's an analysis of it over here if you don't want to read 39 pages), and Loretta Lynch is doing everything in her power to hurl James Comey under the bus.

    Today is also the deadline for the FBI to hand over Comey's memos to Nunes, Goodlatte, and Gowdy. Now's probably not the wisest time to go running your mouth, Jim. You're no O.J. Simpson and you've already committed perjury at least three times.
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    #16 It's HK-47, Apr 16, 2018
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  17. So basically Comey wants to hate-fuck Trump, couldn't have been any clearer from the fucking beginning.

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  18. Are you fucking serious? That's the real book? You've got to be joking. That sounds like a joint Antifa/BLM/Feminist ghostwritten fanfiction scenario.

    Alls we are missing in the dragon from game of thrones bursting into the oval office with Hillary riding atop, gobbling up Trump and then Putin and Hillary being crowned as Queen of the Earth.
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  19. Comey did mention that the Russian Dossier ""MIGHT"" be real though in one of the interviews he gave. Though he also said Loretta Lynch was an honest woman and that Hillary would never intentionally threaten American security in the interview as well.
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  20. It sounds like something a satirist would write to mock those people. There’s no way that’s the actual book.
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