The saltiest a game has ever made you -

any Nancy Drew game that involves a sudoku puzzle
and the stupid mini golf game in secrets of the old clock. actually any mini golf game anywhere, including real life.


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I'm a pretty shitty gamer, so I get pissed an give up a lot. Two stung deeply though, because it was back when I only had a few games, so I couldn't just give up completely.

- Congo Bongo on the TI-99-4a. I never got past the first screen, and i tried SO MANY FUCKING TIMES.
- Bionic Commando on NES. Never got past the first level because I suck, and it was one of only 4 games I had.


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Anyone here played that god awful Saw game? I tell you now, after the forth or so shotgun blast to the face (from those dumbass too dark to see doorway traps) - you get pretty salty.
And generally any game with some kind of unfair or stupid mechanic. Ffviii or ix card games where the opponent always aces despite stats and other stupid things like that.


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This little shit right here

Spider Guardian from Metroid Prime 2 has to be the very thing that has had made me rage the most over a videogame in recent years, you see, despite i don't consider Prime 2 to be a bad game, it certainly has some flaws, one of which is that the game is rather stingy with save rooms, sometimes you won't find a save room anywhere near a boss fight, so if you die in battle, you will have to do a lot of shit all over again to reach the boss, it is specially bad in Spider Guardian's case, i'm talking about 20 to 30 minutes of gameplay to reach Spider Guardian's lair just to try again, it doesn't help that the Spider Guardian is probably the cheapest boss in the game, because the very limited health you can get during the fight,the boss can kill you in very few hits, and the fact you have to pretty much dominate the "morph ball bomb jump", a mechanic mostly used to solve puzzles

I probably tried over a dozen times to beat that boss the first time i played Prime 2, it was first time in years i genuinely wanted to trow my controller out of the window, to try to break it with my bare hands, but eventually i beat it, after hours of trying, if it weren't for Quadraxis' battle, one of the best bosses in the whole trilogy, i probably wouldn't have bothered to finish Prime 2


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I was doing a tag team battle road mode on Super Fire Pro Wrestling X on one of the hardest difficulties and the last guys before getting to the unlockable wrestlers are the Miracle Violence Connection (Steve Williams and Terry Gordy) and at that level of difficulty the chances of getting ko'd instead of pinned are a matter of when not if. Anyways by some divine intervention I squeaked out a draw and the points I got for my final score was the same as the amount required but the game won't advance you unless your score is higher so suffice to say I went through a dozen or so mini-wars to get a fucking draw loss. Had my monitor at the time not been a CRT I would have had to replace that along with the controller that at that moment doubled as a flail that left a couple holes in the wall as well as in the side of the monitor case.


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F-Zero for GC pissed me off so god damn much.
I never passed the tutorial stage, cahman dood nothing I could do!!

Monster party for NES fucked me pretty hard when I was 5.

There's two games in particular
Phantom Fighter and Journey to Silius for NES
I would cry my 5yr old ass off until I fell asleep in absolute rage.
Regardless I still liked those games and want to replay them and this time beat them

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Hydrocity Zone in Sonic Mania. This was the first time I ever played the level, and it made me rage quit and I started to question why they decided to put this level in the game. I tried again the next day and I found that it wasn’t so bad.


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Umbrella Corps single player mode gets to such an unfair bullshit level in the last couple missions that I would have to ragequit and come back days later. "hey defend these points while homing one hit kill enemies that are hard to kill come after you, and if you kill them they respawn."

The last mission with Quiet in MGSV where you have to defend against a whole army of tanks and armored vehicles. Playing through it for the first time and not knowing it would be that kind of mission almost made me throw a controller.

Metal gear 5. Mount Rushmore on a fucking boat? Slow, old guy wrestling as a boss fight? The saccharine wedding? They had good gameplay, but you hardly got to play between absurd cutscenes. I played it when there wasn't much else on ps4.

That's 4, and Mount Snakemore is a masterpiece.


Chivalry Medieval Warfare, the worst fucking Medieval game ever made.

I’ve already told the farms about how the game had made me break a keyboard, but that doesn’t really tell you how much I fucking hate the game, it’s controls, and the people who play it. They are the most insufferable cunts you’ll ever meet, exploiting the game’s controls and physics to annihilate you and the other sorry bastards playing the game it’s supposed to be played. I’m not ashamed to admit that it’s the only game that has made me cry out of sheer fucking anger.

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Runner up: Still Life's infamous cookie puzzle. Holy shit. If you were trying for a 'no guide' run, prepare the vodka 'cause the 'bake the cookies' puzzle made more than a few people cry.

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The last time I threw a controller was playing Jak 3, and it was primarily because of the driving. The cars have this nasty habit of spinning out randomly, which makes the driving sections so much more frustrating than they have any right to be. There was a particular section in which you had to chase down five vehicles in a time limit with a car with the worst weapons in the game. I think I got about 2 or 3 of them before I found myself chasing one on a series of bridges over the water. Then, inexplicably, my car veered off the bridge and into the water, killing me instantly.

Keep in mind I was getting very angry at this section, but this set me off because I thought it was out of my control. The car's spinning out is pretty much random, and the fact that it caused me to lose infuriated me.

I've never thrown a controller again after that.

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Cliche I know, but losing an unspeakabley big number of souls during my first run of Dark Souls 2 (which was also my first run of the Dark Souls franchise entirely) after like 9 hours grinding them....and then getting knocked off a ledge by some random fatass juuuuuuuuust before I could recover them. I might have kinds screamed like a duck being raped by a razor-wire covered baseball bat