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The first "Sims" title was released in early 2000 making its modding communities one of the oldest/longest-running in gaming history. Unlike many other modding communities which surround other games, The Sims is a title enjoyed by people from all walks of life and as such the content is of a unique quality.


Second Life is the easiest comparison as SL is one of the unique titles that not only has the default user-base of screechy children but also balding men and bored housewives seeking to experience their own unique flavor of drama.

Perhaps one of the most familiar images I can show from The Sims is of the infamous "mosaic" censorship which hid away the anatomy of Sims characters when they would use the bathroom or get dressed. It was one of the first things people tried to mod out of the game.

Although many of the "mods" are simple adjustments of game mechanics, there are a lot of adult-oriented mods. Such is the supply and demand of adult-oriented Sims mods that the most popular modding site (Mod The Sims) has its own separate site titled "Sexy Sims".


Before we go on to look at the modding community (which is the main point of this thread) lets address the game itself. The Sims allows the user to create a fantasy world in which real-life rules don't really apply. It has a reputation for everyone from cooking babies in ovens to drowning Sims in pools (by removing the ladder).

Even with its "mosaic censorship" the game still famously caught the ire of Jack Thompson (that old politician who got mad about Postal and Grand Theft Auto):

The modding community is well established and exists across a range of websites and platforms in different languages. Not only are the users of these sites exceptional but so are the people who own and operate them. For example, the creator of ModTheSims, Stuart Standfield is allegedly a convicted pedophile and was supposedly given sex offender status over having a few dozen images of underage females on his computer:

Once you've clicked that link you may notice something in the header which is when the real excitement of The Sims modding community comes at you full force:

The "Abortion Clinic Mod" sounds interesting, lets have a look...

What about the "Inteen" Mod, what's that?

Adult-related mods are one thing, but what about your "plain jane" players who only seek to change the original game a little bit? Surely there are some more vanilla mods?

How about the "Allergic to Fur" mod?
And what about those weirdly specific mods involving children? Well you can just post a request on one of the community forums! Make sure you include no less than 6 reference photos of young women in cheerleading outfits!


(That's a Google search result, its from the Tor website "Pedo Support Community" so I'm not going to include a link.

Besides the mods, what about the people who actually install and use them?
Its easy to see that The Sims modding community truly has something for everyone! However, something is still missing! Everyone knows that only "true & honest" modding communities have their own special rivalries and infighting:

Sims Adult Modding Sites:
Interesting links/articles:
Wildcard sims mod to close this post:

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Besides the mods and the people who download/discuss them, the people that operate the websites have their own special autism and slapfights documented well in these posts. A big part of it is that because of The Sims popularity, many of these websites have been hugely profitable ventures so people want to own/control the largest sites.

To give you a preview of the autism, here's a screencap:


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The Sims modding community is so interesting that someone at a Finnish university actually did a full-on book/expanded research paper on the modding community behind it. It's 224 pages long.

The first 3 fucking paragraphs are probably the best I've ever seen in a research paper (a research paper which is cited by 41 other publications from what I can tell):


The author (Tanja Sihvonen) is a Professor of Communication Studies at the University of Vaasa, Finland.

Full PDF copy of paper/book:

The Author:


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yeah you read that right
13,000 USD a MONTH for MODDING
I'm in the wrong business

(all the lewds you can do)
  • Sex
    • Start, invite to, and join sex interactions
      • Teasing, Handjob, Footjob, Oraljob, Vaginal, Anal, Climax
    • Undress Sims in sex
      • Outfit Top, Outfit Bottom, Leggings, Shoes, Hat, Gloves, Glasses, Head Accessories, Hand Accessories, Other Accessories or Completely
    • Cum
      • Applied automatically after sex or manually if Sims are ready to climax on face, chest, back, vagina, butt or feet
      • Grants positive or negative moodlet depending on Sim traits (Cum Slut, Romantic, Slob, Hates Children)
      • Gets cleaned from performing hygiene related interactions
    • Modify Sims gender recognition individually or globally
    • Strap-Ons (requires additional mods to use)
    • Autonomy
      • Affected by Sims relations, situation, location, time of the day, day of the week
      • Group sex happening in random situations or caused by romantic situations
      • Solo sex happening in random situations, mainly from strong sexual desire
    • Pregnancy
      • Menstrual Cycle system with unique Sims periods and fertility
      • Various birth control methods
      • NPC Sims own and use birth control
      • Fertility Awareness Test and Fertility Treatment Service
      • Pregnancy Termination Service
      • Special reaction for parents that see their teen child pregnant
      • Optional Simple Mode that uses flat percentage pregnancy chances
      • Optional Miscarriage (requires Basemental Drugs)
      • Ability to change pregnancy duration
    • Relationships
      • Respecting Sims relationships base on friendship level, romance level, desire level, current mood, current moodlets, skills, traits, hygiene level, relationship status and current situation
      • Affecting Sims relationships (gender preference, social motive, trait moodlets, conversation moodlets, social context)
    • Sex Skill
      • Increases from having sex
      • Determines Sims satisfaction from sex in different flavors (happy, energized, focused, inspired, playful or confident) depending on traits and skills
    • Whims
      • Sex with Romantic Partner
      • Sex with New Romantic Interest
      • Sex with Someone
      • Sex with Someone in Public
    • Traits
      • Cum Slut Sim Reward Trait for 500 points makes Sims react to cum positively
      • Sexually AlluringSim Reward Trait for 3000 pointsmakes asked Sims always agree to sex propositions
      • Sexually Abstinent Sim Reward Trait for 500 pointsmakes Sim never agree to sex propositions
      • Hypersexual Lot Traitincreases base sex autonomy chances
      • Sims with the 'Noncommittal' trait are more willing to cheat on their partners
      • Sims with the 'Evil' trait are more willing to have sex with Sims that are in relationships
      • Sims with the 'Loner' trait are more willing to agree to sex with a known Sim
      • Sims with the 'Bro' trait are more willing to agree to sex with other Sims that have the 'Bro' trait
      • Sims with the 'Dance Machine' trait or high 'Dancing' skill have better sex
      • Sims with the 'Self-Assured' trait have a higher chance to start autonomy sex
      • Sims with the'Hates Children' trait require protection to perform vaginal or climax sex
      • Sims with the 'Lazy' or 'Clumsy' traits have increased chance of pregnancy in some situations
    • Reactions
      • Jealousy reaction with 6 different flavors and moodlets (base on relationship and respects Player and Polyamorous traits)
      • Reaction to sex with 8 different flavors and moodlets (base on the mood, traits, relationship, and family relations)
      • Reaction to cum
    • Moodlets
      • Sex Satisfaction
      • Sex Outdoors
      • New Sex Partner
      • Birth Control
      • Period
      • Cramps
      • Pregnancy Termination
      • Miscarriage
    • Integration with the Basemental Drugs mod

  • Nudity
    • Penis
      • Support for all genders
      • Menu to pick different penis models from different authors
    • Undress Outfit
      • Top, Bottom, Shoes or Fully
    • Undress Underwear
      • Top and Bottom
    • Various outfit specific interactions can be performed naked (yoga, massage, exercise, sleep, etc.)
    • Skinny Dipping, Nude Steam Room, Nude Hot Tub and Streaking available for teens
    • Skills
      • Increases from being nude and performing specific interactions nude
      • Naturism Skill
        • Happiness from being nude
        • Decreased loss of hygiene when performing interactions naked
        • Increased confidence to undress around friends and family
      • Exhibitionism Skill
        • Available only from Level 3 of Naturism skill
        • Requires Exhibitionist Sim Reward Trait for 500 points
        • Flashing boobs, pussy, butt, dick or fully
        • Streaking on command
        • Increased confidence to undress
    • Underwear
      • Change Sim underwear for any base outfit
      • Randomize all Sims underwear
    • Whims
      • Flash Someone
      • Admire Yourself In a Mirror
      • Undress Clothes
      • Talk About Exhibitionism
    • Traits
      • Nudist Lot Trait removes all skill based undressing restrictions
    • Reactions
      • Shocked or positive reaction to nudity base on Sims relationship, nudity skill and traits
      • Privacy violation base on Sims relationship and nudity skill
    • Social Interactions
      • Compliment Sexy Body, Talk About Nudity, Convince To Nudity, Ask To Get Naked, Ask To Dress Up
    • Story Progression
      • Performing nudity related interactions and seeing nudity increases influence that converts into skill progress over time (mainly for NPC Sims)
    • Autonomy
      • Depends on the appropriateness of current situation
      • Various interactions that require changing outfits have potential to undress to nude
    • Activities
      • Sims randomly lose parts of swimwear outfit when jumping to water

  • Relationships
    • Support for Polygamy/Polyamory relationships
      • Allows for multiple marriages (limited by one engagement at once)
      • Allows for multiple boyfriends/girlfriends
    • Support for Incest relationships
    • Support for Adult<->Teen relationships
    • Allows for multiple Sims to 'Stay the Night'
    • Teens can ask and be asked to move in
    • Global jealousy switch
    • Sim Gender Preference switch
    • Desire
      • Gained from flirting and seeing nudity
      • Grants positive sexual moodlet or negative uncomfortable moodlet
      • Affects Sims sex satisfaction and erection
      • Sims with the 'Alluring' trait help gaining more desire
      • Sims with the 'Romantic' trait gain more desire
      • Sims with the 'Unflirty' trait gain less desire
    • Traits
      • Polyamorous Sim Reward Trait for 1000 points allows Sims to have multiple open romantic or sexually committed relationships and don't get jealous of their loved ones having more than one partner
      • Incest Sim Reward Trait for 1000 points allows Sims for incest interactions between relative Sims that have this trait
I've never tried it myself because I prefer real sex. With adults.

Caps from the site!! Look at the glorious sim porn! (not posting the weird teen shit tho)
NSFW, duh.

fat piggy and hairy asshole together at last

omg jesus why are you in an orgy

lmao i keep thinking of sad people fapping to this and it makes me laugh

she looks like she's just in it for the simoleons
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I wonder if there was any Visual Basic trail left behind....
Yeah I guess so people who didn't follow that saga are aware, I happened onto The Sims modding community after following the cookie crumb trail left behind by the Bronsgeests (a decade-long catfishing empire which attempted to either extort/blackmail DarksydePhil or just talk shit about him online):

I guess its a good look at what people who make The Sims mods are like IRL...


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