The Twitch DMCA Saga (Three Times Resilient!) -


You don't know what hard times are daddy.
Thank god the pigroach lean in is gone that fucking shit was the howl of the wheelchairs whenever someone called him out on his bullshit.
*edit literally banned in the middle of typing* Aw shit, here we go again with our speculations for seven hours followed by this fatfuck getting double his usual wheelchairbucks in youtube streaming great.

Sparkletor 2.0

My first Jonbenet accidentally died
I thought the last time this happened Phil said he was getting rid of all his fan art, emotes, sub badges, music, etc. so this wouldn't happen again.

Did he forget, hope SuperHound went away, or was he just too lazy?

Mr. Manchester
I've been snorting Ralph drama like Warski's coke lately and coming back to look at DSP really puts things into perspective.

Dude is just trying to play video games and act like the weirdo he is, this DMCA shit is ridiculous. Isn't it funnier that he's allowed to roam free and do stupid shit on his own? He's not really that funny otherwise.