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TheGatorGamer, often known simply as "Gator", is a cofounder and cohost of Ethan Ralph's Killstream. Originally relegated to the roles of tech support and soundboard operator, Gator's presence as a cohost increased when longtime second mic, Zidan, left the show in early 2019. Gator still makes regular appearances on the Killstream, when his school schedule permits, and is viewed by most of the audience as Ralph's best friend. This perception is skewed.


Picture taken from Gator's trip to Knoxville with Ralph and Andy Warski.

Gator is first and foremost an employee. Ethan Ralph pays him to show up on stream, run damage control for his gunted antics, and collect updates on Ralph's Kiwi Farms thread board when his master can't handle the bantz. Gator is willing to do nearly anything Ralph asks of him in order to collect his check.

He will often spew borderline insane hot takes in defense of Ralph that are so unapproachable and at odds with reality that they may leave you wondering if Gator's off his meds. Reality is, Gator likely doesn't believe half of it. At the core level, Gator is a whore; he'll do and say anything, no matter how personally embarrassing it is, and cover for all of Ralph's offenses, even though they more often than not end up damaging Gator's reputation by association. But at the end of the day this loyalty to the Killstream brand and to it's host would not exist if Gator's janitorial service went unpaid.

Despite his years of experience, Gator is still not a great PR guy. The primary setback is the fact that Gator is, through and through, pure cringe. His existence is proof enough that Ethan Ralph is a magnet for life’s losers, and not a figure loved by the chads of the world as he’d like you to believe.

TheGatorGamer is well into his 30s and, while his ass kissing of Ralph is simply business, his adoption of Mister Metokur as a father figure came straight from the heart. Metokur’s humor and timing had such a profound effect on the reptile that he now consciously alters his delivery and phrasing in an attempt to replicate Jim’s, often to unimpressive results.

Don’t think that Gator is just some YouTube obsessed nerd, though. Shannon’s seen some action; too bad it’s always the wild ones that want a piece of him:

Clip taken from Gator's meeting with fellow alphamale, Dax Herrera.

You would be hard pressed to find any references outside of this clip that Gator’s made about dating or women in general, even after sifting through hours of tweets and airtime. The most obvious conclusion to draw from this is that A. Gator made this girl up and B. the only person with tits Gator often talks to is Ralph. But a man can dream, and until that special someone makes their way into Gator’s life, his heart will be with the lovely Kurisu Makise.

happy birthday from gator.png

Gator occasionally hosts his own program called Gatortime on his Dlive channel. Episodes are infrequent but typically star Gator and whatever d list eCeleb he can pull. This list of guests includes Andy Warski, Null, and Aydin Paladin.

To clear it up, the name “Shannon Gaines” doesn’t actually belong to Gator. It has stuck around only because the idea of Gator's alter ego being Shannon Gaines: The Trader Joe’s grocery bagger, is a hilarious idea and one fitting for his subservient, pathetic status in Ralph’s circle.

For those of you who are rare Gator collectors, you can find them here!

Gator's blog
Discord: STEINS;GATOR#7168
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The most important thing to remember about Gator is that he doesn't do it for free. He's paid. If you ever wonder "Why?" with Gator, the answer is: "Money."
Stating again for the new thread that Gator is a loser with no friends, living with his parents, and a job bagging groceries in his 30s.

He simps so hard for Ralph because the association with the Ralph Retort gives him a sense of purpose and makes him feel like he's respected, even if it's by the fans of a livestream show that gets around 600 viewers an episode.

The most important thing to remember about Gator is that he doesn't do it for free. He's paid. If you ever wonder "Why?" with Gator, the answer is: "Money."
But is he compensated for his jannyship or for the show :thinking:

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