Thomas Dall / Kittystyle - Danish schizophrenic, felon livestreaming 24/7 for weed money

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Nov 14, 2012

Kittystyle is a streamer who spends 18 hours a day livestreaming himself to a small audience, similar to Narcissa Wright. He professes he has ADHD (a catch-all excuse he uses for his behavior), and appears to have schizotypal symptoms which are exasperated by the THC content in his chronic use of marijuana. He considers himself a messianic figure, sacrificing himself to fight trolls to save innocent people.
He has been streaming on for a long time, likely thanks to's high-score table system. Even in the earliest archive of the table I can find, he is winning hundreds of dollars despite being relatively unpopular. At some point reduced the rewards as bigger draws left the platform, and now the top reward is $650/wk as opposed to $2500/wk. This is still good money, especially if you're already on government assistance, and the main contenders for the cash remained Narcissa and Kittystyle simply due to how they calculated points based on time spent streaming.

He would typically stream himself drawing, listening to music, smoking weed, and doing nothing of importance. His art is archived on Imgur here, but Imgur can delete posts.
XHlmqyL.png 4M0vvcs.png UMyFQne.png PP2riDC.png 8OUlRhv.png W1Z2uTy.png i1IQdvK.png agYOaMz.png 3WnRXRD.png GjKG7h3g.png

Unfortunately for him, after Ethan Ralph was banned from YouTube,'s staff invited him to try them out. Now, Kittystyle is fighting him and fans of The Ralph Retort who are making their own streams (along with yours truly) for that smaller prize pool. As he's never had a real job and has no skillset, this is critical damage to him.

In the first week Ralph arrived, he attempted to flag and scare aware all newcomers to the platform for hatespeech to have them removed. His streams became mostly centered around his hatred of the people who took the higher places on the highscore table.

He explained he has a wife and child who do not live with him and he cannot get a job. He is on government assistance and owes about $6000 USD in fines still. He repeatedly claims "my life is ruined" if anyone tells him to focus on self-improvement. This is due to him being arrested in 2016 for telling a Danish politician her child should watch her burn in acid, among other things.

This was in response to the politician celebrating recent police action against marijuana traffickers in the country. He denies it completely on chat, despite him being convicted and despite him having previously claimed he voluntarily surrendered his Facebook account to police.

He claims that he was in prison for 5 months but spent the entire sentence in solitary confinement with one hour of socialization and yard time a day. He claims the other prisoners treated him like Jesus. He has repeatedly encouraged me to make a thread on him, claiming he'd be made a political free speech martyr over it. It also appears his wife and child parted ways with him during his incarceration.

Current Situation
I've gone out of my way to ignore this guy because I like and how they directly reward people who promote their platform, so the last thing I'd want to do is piss them off by bullying one of their longest streamers, but he can't be ignored. His attitude has become more aggressive as his prominence on has declined and his spending cash is reduced. In particular, I was invited to talk to him on a different stream and after about an hour of him screaming into his microphone about how everyone is a bad person, he threatens to "never stop" going after me, which is something I endorse.

Currently, he is telling people that if he convinces people to not troll by being so pathetic people feel bad for him, he wins. He is comparing himself to Jesus, saying he gives of himself to make people understand the problems with trolling.

A popular channel (promoted directly by Ralph) streams even more than Kittystyle and frequently just makes fun of him or plays his live stream with commentary. It routinely gets more than double his viewer count. Named DanishPolice to scorn him, the main host Alex is a current sore spot Thomas is dealing with. Has has said he want to cut Alex's throat.

Alex has some minor dox in his channel description which Thomas is upset over.

With this particular outburst I'm declaring him a proper lolcow. This is funny shit I've not seen in a long time.

Addresses (Unconfirmed)
Camper Van
Haraldsholmvej 2A
6630 Rodding

Gammel Køge
Landevej 1,
2500 København,

External Links

Random ib thread on him a lot of archived content comes from:
I can't vouch for any of the dox or familial dox.

This is his autobiography. Notably, he claims to have an IQ exceeding 160 and is a left-leaning libertarian.


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Desire Lines

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Dec 30, 2017
His art is actually kinda cool, it's extremely crude and unrefined but there's some artistic spark there. What a shame.
Yeah, if he actually refined it, he could make something super interesting. Sadly he would rather smoke weed and stream 24/7 than put those skills to use.

Also he had a thread coming for a long time, guy has bugged SO many streamers, including Null, it's ridiculously pathetic.
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Nov 23, 2018
Kitty was recently on another channel called Danish Police. They were offering him all of their winnings from the leader boards if he showed proof of him trying to get a job, but he blew it by continuing to act like a victim. The streamer is now going to give his leader board winnings to the politician he threatened. The stream is not currently on the archives, but it may just take a while to show up.

Sam Losco

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Mar 5, 2018
Well, he has a thread here now which means he is going to declare war on KF. He did last week thinking he already had a thread here (he refused to come here and see for himself). A couple of people (including myself) told him there was no thread so he rolled back his declaration of war.

Who here has a role in his fictional country, Kittyland? He has a word doc listing rules and a list of everyone from chat that wanted to be in it, but it doesn't appear he has it uploaded anywhere.


BE 911

He used to have a project called "V for Weed" which was basically a website advocating for the legalization of weed in Denmark. His plan was to basically gather enough money by selling shirts to fund his project and get some ways to promote his idea, which failed miserably, seeing that the website isn't up today.

(This is a Google Translation, feel free to improve the accuracy.)

I got an idea the other day when I was watching TV with a joint in my hand. It's extremely frightful that millions of millions will be lost, which we all can benefit from. That's why I've designed and coded a forum page so people can make their mind known .. and who knows maybe opponents get a different opinion .. The website is here: and here is the forum: It matters to me if there are people here who will support the initiative and write a post or 2 too to create a comunity that focuses exclusively on the hash and legalization of it.


While the website is down, the forum is still up and can be found here (archive).

Here are a few social media links not listed in the OP:
Youtube - Archive
Twitter - Archive
Steam - Archive
Old Twitch (banned)


Nov 14, 2012

Dec 4, 2018
He shared the death threat (Danish) sent to Mai Mercado that he was charged for.


Unverified translation:
I have a question for Mai Mercado. Do you want to die? Because if you want, then do it the way it suits you.
Then you can see if you end up like her in England
You play with your and your child's life. You've been warned
I could not find anything but I can understand if others feel like they want to stab a knife in you and your baby
Basically implying he wants to stab her baby t. Authors notes
Do it the way it suits you.
Also uploaded an audio clip of his own translation which doesn't include some key details.


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Nov 14, 2012
He shared the death threat (Danish) sent to Mai Mercado that he was charged for.
Translation courtesy of ZugZug.

"I Have a question for Mai Mercado; Do you want to die? because if you do, then do it any way you see fit. then you can end up like that woman from England. You are playing with yours and your childs life. Now you are warned. (P.S i wouldn't do anything BUT i can sympathize with people who might want to stab you and your kid with a knife."


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KE 521

Yeah, if he actually refined it, he could make something super interesting. Sadly he would rather smoke weed and stream 24/7 than put those skills to use.

Also he had a thread coming for a long time, guy has buggered SO many streamers, including Null, it's ridiculously pathetic.
I do not think that word means what you think it means
Null is your asshole ok

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