Thomas Dall / Kittystyle - Danish schizophrenic, felon livestreaming 24/7 for weed money

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In your Tommy Tooter pt. 2 livestream, around the ~50 minute mark, he enters the chat and desperately tries to vie for your attention, by spouting out a ton of nonsensical bullshit, including a claim that you were being ‘sniped’ by someone named ‘raidkittystyle’. I’ll attempt to grab some screens soon.

Edit: false information. He says ‘sniped’, not ‘swatted’, insinuating that your stream had been infiltrated by his fan base of three people.

Edit 2: he hangs around quite a bit, talking about kike murder, and begging for views on his channel
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Like to point out it's no coincidence he's chimping out while Mai Mercado is getting a big ol' donation from DanishPolice. This is all about him not getting his weed money.
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some context: SuperSusi87 is one of kitty's mods and internet fwends, she went on the DanishPolice channel saturday, they were having a drunk stream, main host Alex was coming on to her hard, he wanted to travel to europe and "date" her. susi being an attention whore doesnt mind getting shit on a bit for some visibility, so now they are in decent/good terms.
kitty just cant stand this betrayal, I recorded today's spergfest until i could, unfortunately it's missing the "WHY ARE YOU SHIT" stuff, i hope dispatch or somebody else is on the case.

ps: it heats up around the 50 minute mark, it gits GUD trust me.
notice how at 59:25 he accidentally mutes himself during one of his breakdowns, all that precious milk gone to waste:'(
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