Thomas Dall / Kittystyle - Danish schizophrenic, felon livestreaming 24/7 for weed money

pwincess fwuffypants

always napping
Like to point out it's no coincidence he's chimping out while Mai Mercado is getting a big ol' donation from DanishPolice. This is all about him not getting his weed money.
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tard cum fed gimp
some context: SuperSusi87 is one of kitty's mods and internet fwends, she went on the DanishPolice channel saturday, they were having a drunk stream, main host Alex was coming on to her hard, he wanted to travel to europe and "date" her. susi being an attention whore doesnt mind getting shit on a bit for some visibility, so now they are in decent/good terms.
kitty just cant stand this betrayal, I recorded today's spergfest until i could, unfortunately it's missing the "WHY ARE YOU SHIT" stuff, i hope dispatch or somebody else is on the case.

ps: it heats up around the 50 minute mark, it gits GUD trust me.
notice how at 59:25 he accidentally mutes himself during one of his breakdowns, all that precious tard cum gone to waste:'(
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pwincess fwuffypants

always napping
Conspiracy and persecution fantasies with a shitload of anger. A really lovely combination.

I couldn't tell whether Alex (host of DanishPolice) was serious or just doing his duty to entertain his viewers on stream by ironically flirting with Susi.
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pwincess fwuffypants

always napping
As long as he has pot and it works, not likely to an hero. However, he goes through a LOT of weed and it looks like to me that the weed is starting to fail on him, he gets angry even when he's on it. When he's not high he's very unstable.

pwincess fwuffypants

always napping
Kitty seems to have lost a camera or microphone or internet? He can't stream whatever the reason and he's begging in DanishPolice's channel for more money. But he's begging in the most autistic way.

Maybe if he spent a teeny less on weed and just a teeny bit on building some savings, he wouldn't have to beg his internet fwends? Or whatever the opposite of fwend is?

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