Thoughts on race mixing -

EDIT: To be clear, I'm totally cool with interracial relationships and everything. It's just that "Thoughts on the scenario where all races merge into one homogeneous brown" is an extremely long title.

Now let me preface by saying I don't condemn interracial relationships because that's wrong, but are you comfortable with the idea that all races will eventually mix into a homogeneous brown? I don't like ethnostates, but I find it horrifying. If you think about it, if all races mixed together it would ultimately be a global ethnostate.
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Comfortable with it? I'm not convinced it would ever happen. Contrary to the sensibilities of certain groups of people, in-group preference seems to the be rule and not the exception. On the other hand, if it did happen it would hardly be the panacea that a lot of people seem to think it would be; humans are extremely good at finding ways to classify each other and since nobody would be a 100% admixture of all possible races there would still be identifiable groups. Basically it's just another utopian ideal with no basis in reality.


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I see no issue with it.

I genuinely struggle to understand why people get so pressed about the pigment of other people's skin and preserving their race, to the extent people in interracial couples are shamed for "diluting the pool." It's a problem with all races as well, not just white people (although admittedly, it only seems to be white people who are shamed for it). Someone's skin colour means nothing about who they are as a person. If you meet someone who laughs at your jokes, likes the same stuff you do and gives you butterflies, why would you let something so trivial prevent you from pursuing something with them? Why would you shame others for not letting that stop them?

In terms of the hypothetical, it's not as if everyone would look exactly identical to each other, the prospect of which does seem eerie. People would still have varying skin tones, different facial features, different body shapes, different heights, different weights. Variance would still exist because each generation, people would procreate with people different to them and the child(ren) produced would be different again. If anything, someone with their glass half full would hope that the intermingling of cultures over time would result in people fighting over stupid shit a little less. After all, Sikhism, a religion that believes in acceptance of all, managed to come from the intermingling of the religions that have helped fuel Pakistan and India constantly being at each other's throats all these years.