Timothy Nathan Shortnacy / Devi Ever / Amber Coal / Grace Lynn / Pixelgoth / LittleMouseVR - Scammer and flip-flopper who drove Chloe Sagal to suicide.

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Dimensional merge survival guide.
now this is interesting

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Hey, Tim has a KF account (or did) this thread is evidence of that.
looks like Tim doesn't want his own admissions of stalking/harassing let alone his financial misdeeds.
It’s not a surprise anymore to see someone like Timmy try to use a shitshow as a means to chase clout on twitter via moral grandstanding. Let’s not forget that not only does he have an account here but his attempt at an ama became a thread about him.

well that contradicts Tim's whole Notch narrative on here during his AMA

2021-07-02 06_00_29-Timothy Nathan Shortnacy _ Devi Ever _ Amber Coal _ Grace Lynn _ Pixelgoth...png

2021-07-02 06_07_51-Timothy Nathan Shortnacy _ Devi Ever _ Amber Coal _ Grace Lynn _ Pixelgoth...png

Well, that's pretty easy, it was the trolling that WAS the insanity (or IS the insanity...TIm now tries to convince kids Notch dropped in unbidden. Which is sort of blown right here as he admits he was trolling)
It wasn't that Tim expected the money - thats part of what makes asking for it insane - Tim was using that as a cudgel because he was having one of his temper tantrums that tweeting fantasies about being a "gamedev" didn't pay as much as actually doing the hard work and becoming a gamedev

Just dredging that up because he's on that kick again (see first screencap) for his riff about "change is my process" Tim sure doesn't change much

Sounds like Ken might have covered him this month, so I'll think we'll see a slower burn to the next freak out. but he has abandoned the whole drawing and music full-time...again
hey, I'll give him credit though - Tim ALMOST lasted a week
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Grand Fucktard

Sounds like Ken might have covered him this month, so I'll think we'll see a slower burn to the next freak out. but he has abandoned the whole drawing and music full-time...again
hey, I'll give him credit though - Tim ALMOST lasted a week

My guess is he's counting on a stim check.
He primed that with talking about using the last one for "food and medical care"...but then I think he also got some new toys rcently too, butof course that's not stim check money

Hey you owe me $10
yeah, but THIS $10 is my drinking money so it's totally different money than my debt paying money



Of course there are a few wee problems

- It often wasnt "my money" Devi mismanaged, it was investor's or customer's money
the ToS Tim was under for his stuff there required you fulfill or refund.
and even after that the FTC has been clear on it

-Tim already admitted (and Charlotte also confirmed) he basically played around on the internet instead of working.

-Tim was being supported
JasonOPASX was paying Tim's rent and was going to fund the first rebirth of Tim's pedal company..then Jason's family found out that's where his family's money was going and they adjusted his meds (not a joke)
There was an old video Tim did (and deleted) where tim is bawling like a baby when Jason's family shut down the teat. I think that's about when Tim asked his folks if he could move back in

Madeline was the income generator that was financing things (Tim was complaining the last time out his "support" being pulled out -- Madeline was poised to finance the last pedal reboot, but Tim got addicted to VRChat)
LOL Tim is so full of shit.
he uses "queer" so the kiddos and other 'aspiring creatives" won't even question it - they won't even notice that he talked about being in 'the financial position to take months off' and did 6000 hours of VRChat at such a rate it didn't leave time for rel work
Nor are none of them savvy enough to figure out that it wasn't some emergency, it happened multiple times -- the genuine move would be to GROW a viable business that could continue to help queer folks. Tim can't even take care of himself.
Oh THIS is certain to end well

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I guess he ran Ken out of money too

recent mismanaging = helping queer people post to try to get out ahead of it.

LOl "mismanaging MY money" - wasn't Tim's money
It would be one thing if he actually shipped the product- fulfilled his obligations and just didn't have enough to continue production...I guess you could say that was "his" money ...but that's not what happened.
what he did was more like if you ordered a pizza, paid by card and found the delivery guy eating it saying "well, I'm queer so..."

I'll admit, I knew he was running out of runway but I didn't think he'd try to go back to that well he poisoned.

I'd say he's got some set of balls....but snip snip


I wonder if "by we making pedals again" Tim's just talking about that company that has licensed the IP,
after Tim quit "for good" (the negative version of this "all in" with, presumably, as much staying power) he started trying to franchise the operation.

I wonder if it's a linear thing -- the deeper Tim regresses the more desperate he is
or a circular thing -- Tim figures a suitable time has passed where the radioactivity of guitar boxes has gone through enough half-lives where it's safe to go back.

In a sane world, I would think that the more concrete nature of not delivering contracted tangible goods paid for would be a stumbling block - but he Timmiverse doesn't seem work on any rational system

Sure there is! adulthood regular normal experiences with highs and lows and difficulties.
Tim's shielded himself from that surrounding himself with sycophants.
It reminds me of the times he's posted drawing and said 'I deserve only positive comments'
He hasn't held any sort of regular job and has even said he's scared to even stay on a regular schedule.
It's not that there is no preparation, it's that Tim DID no preparation


Funny how that works, it's the Tim pattern
when TIm is flying high, it's what matters
when he's low he has an epiphany that it's illusory


Funny how that works, it's the Tim pattern
when TIm is flying high, it's what matters
when he's low he has an epiphany that it's illusory
I don't think he even believ's his own bullshit. It's just that he's so addicted to sucking the glass dick of the fame pipedream that eventhough he knows the results, he can't not take another hit

He's concerned about long term viability of a narrowly themed small *sorry "smol") media channel so he replaces it with...another narrowly themed small media channel


even Tim, at some level, seems to realize it's a fucked up notion - but then monkey cries for its hit and Tim justifies it as "survival"

Grand Fucktard

But doesn't TIm call his audience "fam"?
and he even said he only has a 'parasocial' relationship with them and that thy aren't friends.
then again, they are only "fam" til the cash runs out, then they are kids and simpsaccording to Timmie

hmm maybe the guy is just about change. Tim is all about change...so maybe they changed their mind too.It's not like TIm honors his promises either (though doesn't sound like there was a promise).
The guy could be saving Tim from the capitalist hell TIm bitches about...next stop for Tim..the PRC!
wait a second
2021-07-08 17_26_03-sad mouse on Twitter_ _2021 is so much like 2013 for me at times it's unbe...png

But Tim already said he mismanaged 'his' money but supporting his queer (he uses that now that he's not trans, guess it's a wider demographic to scam) friends
and he also said that he didn't have the money to pay people back

riddle me this : how could he having lived off of savings if he didn't have any money and wasn't that money vapor supposed to have supported' others?

Grand Fucktard

2021-07-10 05_29_48-sad mouse (@izziafterhours) _ Twitter — Mozilla Firefox.png

ah yes, "poor"
b/c "poor" people live off savings? when going to work is too much of hassle and they'd rather just draw???
2021-07-10 05_30_39-sad mouse (@izziafterhours) _ Twitter — Mozilla Firefox.png

Fuck! How do we alert Amnesty International to this level of oppression and poverty?

2021-07-10 05_29_48-sad mouse (@izziafterhours) _ Twitter — Mozilla Firefox.png

don't know why anyone would think that. You've only been emotionally imploding every 6 months for a little over 20 years
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