Tom Explores Uranus - Stays For The Smell


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Lol at the company that rented it to him, they are never going to get it back.
Probably some shitty rent to own company that charges something they know people will renege on, but hopes to get more than the product's worth before the moron, like Tom, the exact kind of sucker these companies exist for, reneges, then they sue and get a writ of replevin or whatever they call it in Arizona, entitling them to have sheriff's dudes tromp around in his home looking for the property.

And then they either find it and can rent it out to some other retard who will do the same thing, or they don't, and if they already have some kind of normal judgment, the sheriff can bag and tag any remotely valuable property the debtor has. Tom has nothing that isn't worthless and out of a dumpster.

So Tom might end up being the lowest gutter dwelling trash this company caters to, because they expect to take a loss out of some of their suckers, which is why they charge atmospheric APRs to their other "customers."

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