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Tommy believes themselves to be two spirit? What combo do you think fits best?

I think Tommy is part maggot/part garbage rat.

Ones with best ratings will be added to this post.

1. Ug and Hagraven
2.Inside Tom there are two wolves. One is a pedophile. The other is also a pedophile.
Tom is a pedophile.
3.He's the bathtub grandma from The Shining mixed with Cranny Faggot from Limbo of the Lost.
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The best descriptive explanation is that hunchback creature you see lurking around the dumpsters near the preschool and the pound.

So the hunchback kiddy dog monster of Tucson

Marissa Moira
Ug and Hagraven



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The funniest part is in many tribes two spirit is someone who explains dear ol tom tom perfectly. Someone who couldn't fit into the roles of society, it is a negative term that for some reason people decided to "reclaim" as a fucking gender. It isn't even a gender. It's basically the Native version of "look at this fucking retard who can't fucking hunt and can't do anything but woman duties, let's call him two spirit because we have SOME use for him I guess." Ironic how fitting this is for him. It's only a step above him in society.
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