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They said this bomb was clean
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The only people that want to teach at universities are radical, hipster douchebags, who can't find real jobs or people using it as a second job to pay off student debt....oh, and lit majors.
This was back in the what? Early 70's? The school has a history of money problems however Tommy is not the most reliable of narrators so it's possible......?

Dee Price

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Astonishing. And this man claims to understand science, you say?
We all know Tom has no clue about science but then neither does blue armed idiot devil. Both are about as slow about science as the other. Neither one are intelligent in any meaningful way.

But one thing that idiot devil does have going for them is that they do not fuck kids and dogs. sadly for old man Thomas he does and will if he was able to shuffle fast enough to catch a kid or dog.

Now comically Thomas tries to look as if he comprehends science but gets caught so easily by others it is pathetic.

And yet another was shown to be incorrect here as well thinking transsexuals have male brains when neuroscience has stated the opposite for going on 20 years now. and now with even more clusters showing to be female it is even more comical to see fools trying to say they know about a medical subject and then to show they do not.

It makes others on this site look bad to have such idiocy blabbering out. and blue is one of the idiots


They said this bomb was clean
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Tom's latest sperging, hes anti-vax now

Biological Warfare On Humanity Pandemic Panic Profiteering and Vaccine Passporting.

Tommie Jayne Wasserberg

6 hr ago

I'm not going to argue with anybody shaming people who are not vaccinated, nor will I ridicule them for blindly accepting what they were told about the vaccine and allowing it to be injected into their bodies. I am not vaccinated nor will I be vaccinated. This decision was made on medical advice, above all

I am much too high a risk for anaphylaxis.

All the hubbub over the Delta variant is striking me as so much fear porn, talking about it’s heightened infectiousness and how it’s hitting people under 40, yet I’m not seeing any spiking in the case and mortality statistics along with all this alarm about increasing Delta cases.

My pediatrician was Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn, the notoriously anti-vax and anti-everything else about the "Church of Modern Medicine" . Dr. Bob, "The Medical Heretic", was a maverick public health educator who taught disease prevention and the maintenance of wellness through good diet, exercise and stress reduction practices.

I have also been associated with the Rainbow Family of Living Light C.A.L.M. tribe for nearly 40 years and am confident that my body, supported by botanical and mineral medicines can protect itself from SARS-CoV-2 and any other biological agent the illegal covert government develops and unleashes on us. Until I see David Martin’s hypotheses about the origin and branding of the Covid-19 pandemic thoroughly refuted by a credible source, I remain steadfastly insistent that this is medical tyranny in the making that has been evolving my entire life.

I am unwilling to take any strong position one way or the other about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine itself, but i am taking a very strong stance against vaccine passports and discrimination against people who choose naturopathy over the voodoo medicine practiced in the "Temple of Doom". Vaccines should be looked at on a case by case basis. None of them are 100% safe or effective and many of them contain additives known to be harmful. The CDC maintains a database of adverse side effects well worth studying when contemplating whether or not to accept the vaccine in your body. By and large, flu vaccines have never been very effective and the covid vaccine doesn’t appear to be all that effective either. This I will say; shaming people for taking the vaccine or refusing it is counterproductive. Anything we are divided over in this way that we get hostile with each other about plays into the predator class.


Lives in squalor, smokes and eats trash yet somehow is at risk for anaphylaxis
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Journalists worth their salt take one look at the source of those lies and laugh at you for being so stupid to be participating in the illegal covert government's character assassination program against me. I have a 40 year track record as an independent journalist, you dip shit. Your entire argument is based on a single minor who invited me into the bed she was in with my partner forty years ago and a dog who liked to get off on my palm who has been dead for over 25 years. Everything else in it is conjecture, fiction and projections of your own deviant fantasies.

What else have you ridiculous retards got as evidence that I am indeed a "pedophile dogfucker" , because the person leading this attack at me admits that those don't qualify as either pedophilia or dogfucking?
Actually real journalists are amazed with the amount of research the Farms does and how everything is archived. They just wish it was organized better. No one wants to fish through hundreds of information when it should be in the OP when new things appear. While an OP isn't a news article since it's just the OP for a new forum thread. Journalists consider some of the threads as good as a news article when discussing someone due to it layout.


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Hmm no likes or comments. The hundreds of people who follow him must be busy or asleep or something.
According to the most recent post, he removed all accounts he didn't recognize probably thinking it wasn't publicly accessible. He has 4 subs now, and they're probably fellow creeps. I wish they were available to view, I'm interested to see who the fuck would follow him unironically.
Edit: Found one, the lady that saved his life.
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I am the passenger, and I ride 'n I ride.
Do we know who Jennifer is? Is that just Tom on a dirty hobo sock account?
She's real. Tom got shot in the spleen during the late 80s while picking berries garbage for food (my mistake), I believe. She found him, took him to the hospital and saved his life.

Added the Article about the shooting.
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