Trans Lifeline Accused of Charity Fraud -

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In a thread posted by a prominent trans advocate who doesn't want me naming them on this site or elsewhere in connection with this site , discussing fake advocacy work in general, i brought up the fact that Trans Lifeline almost never answers their phone and one of them said she had heard them same from several other people. Apparently this person was ticked about some narcissistic attention whore who showed up at a City Council meeting discussing a ban on conversion therapy, spoke for two minutes and then claimed credit afterward for the 2 years of work that led up to that meeting that enacted the ban.

Feel free to share your knowledge of that jive movie. The parents are nauseated at the thought of raising money in the name of a vulnerable minority and it's been going on for some time.

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Josh did a stream on it.
Late, Kiwi Farms broke this story years ago Tommie. Some Johnny on the spot journalist you are......
Thank you @Jack Awful
search them on the site, dumdum. there's tons of threads about TLL

I have been aware of this for years. If you study the threads on Greta and Nina, you'll see that they both freaked the fuck out on me the first time I mentioned KF. I can't be arsed with doing that much research right now on a low priority story. I've been mentioning it for quite some time, but yesterday was the first opportunity to put it to the mama bears and they're not at all happy at the knowledge.

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This thread was so confusing to read with the garbage goblin blocked until I realized he was OP lol.

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One of my favourite streams he's done. Full of twists, turns. Never expected some looney secret hideout in the middle of the fucking desert!

@Miss Tommie Jayne Wasserberg Have you ever watched any of Josh's streams? (apart from the one dedicated to you ofc). What are your thoughts on them?
Actually, I've never listened to much of any of them, including that one. This is the first one that I've actually suffered all the way through. it still has 20 minutes to go. Josh is a useful idiot being played by the DIA and Mossad. He's a pathetic , privileged sheenie and insecure , self loathing, incel with delusions of intellect and redeeming social worth. He has the emotional maturity of a 10 year old schoolyard bully, who thinks he's hilarious, punching down on everything around him. He's totally afraid of communicating with me on a level playing field.

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Biggest scam the trans helpline did was convincing people who called that they were totally fine and nothing was wrong with them.
They are currently claiming a little more than 100, 000 calls answered and a little more than a million raised. that's awful expense per call when you're not paying any wages.

There is a lot of debate over who to call for a first response. At some point, an EMT needs to make contact with a suicidal person. Online crisis intervention I work with attempts to keep the person talking until we can get somebody from the community to them. Only as a last resort if we can't get lay active rescue to them and they go silent, will we call 911. TL was passionately against that.