TransLifeline's Cameron Meyer / Scout Wolfcave / Tiffany "Bunny" Saint-Bunny - Diap Zoane: TLL Scammer taking over for Greta & Pajeet

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Current Legal Name: Tiffany Saint-Bunny
Former Legal Name: Scout Niclara Wolfcave
Birth Name: Cameron Paul Meyer
DOB: October 24, 1982

Runs the "Trans Assistance Project" aka "Trans Lifeline Microgrants"
Asspatter of Greta Martela and Nina Chaubal

Personal Twitter
TransAssistance Twitter
New Facebook
TAP Facebook
Rate My Professor

Contributors: (Progam Director @ Translife Line)

"Cameron Meyer, studio art sophomore, has many piercings, tattoos and an arsenal of stories about his run-ins with the Stillwater and Oklahoma City Police. He said the police pull him over because of how he looks."

"We are two paranormal investigators located in the city of Pittsburgh, both with sensitive abilities ranging from physical to mental, specializing in intense EVP sessions and unique forms of spiritual communication. Our services are free!"

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Scout Wolfcave is the tattoo-covered director of the scam-enabling charity known as TAP, or the Trans Assistance Project and is planning on changing its name to TransLifeline Microgrants. Allegedly it's purpose is to give grants of money to trans people, mainly transwomen, who need financial aid. However we all know that it's just a way for a diaper-wearing spazzlord to funnel money to an illegal immigrant and an Ogre who likes trannies killing themselves.

More Pics:




All detractors are Trump trolls!

Remember don't call me by the name literally on my account REE

Kids can only be good people if I teach them to agree with me

Cameron pre-transition

Latest Medium "article" because like all RKers Bun isn't a real journalist

The TLL Rat King continues to grow.
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Oh look, another ugly man who thinks that wearing makeup and a dress means everyone should give him money cos so braev. He has the same lantern jaw as Greta and passes about as well too.

What's the deal with this new shill for TLL, though? Just donations from the usual crowd, or are they asking for funding from other sources? Cos if it's just men in dresses giving money to other men in dresses, it's barely different to hipster welfare. On the other hand, if they're trying to make a big charity that encourages regular joes to donate to poor wickle trans teenagers for their housing and healthcare, tattoo guy here is gonna find himself under considerable legal scrutiny to ensure it's legit. They'll reeeeeeee about transphobia either way, but it'd be fun to see a(nother) troon charity exposed as a sham.

He has a degree in geography, he's totally qualified to talk academically about gender and sociological stuff, aye.


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Using an image of a sexualised child as your featured photo is definitely going to convince people you're just a normal person. So is using Jonbenet Transy as your Instagram handle.

Apparently sexual assault and murder only matter if the victims are trans women, not if they're little girls.
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It always comes back to diapers with these types. Diapers, shit/piss, or diddling kids.

If anyone ever makes a rat king bingo/drinking game those three things should definitely be included.

Apparently it's because many pedos are essentially autogynophile troons. Fantasizing about being a little girl is like the second most popular sexual fantasy in pedos. This may be why being a kiddy diddler is such a rat king staple.

Of course it's been noted by notorious troonwreckers Blanchard and Bailey.

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Feline Darkmage

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this person sperging about their vidya habits on their "TRANS LIFELINE - MICROGRANTS" twitter reminds me of slingblade aka Toren's "TransEthics" twitter, which he uses to liveblog his hangovers and repugnant sex fantasies.

Donate so we can help our personal fr-er I mean Trans people can continue talking about vidya on business twitter accounts.

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