Plagued Trump Derangement Syndrome - Orange man bad. Read the OP! (ᴛʜɪs ᴛʜʀᴇᴀᴅ ɪs ʟɪᴋᴇ ᴋɪᴡɪ ғᴀʀᴍs ʀᴇᴠɪᴇᴡs ɴᴏᴡ)

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This was already posted by @rianzi in the Social Justice Warriors thread, but I'll repost it here alongside a few thankfully reasonable responses:


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It's been like seven months since Trump's victory. I think this thread should be rebranded as a general "Trump Salt" thread (since most of this salt is more directed at his presidency than at that specific triumph at the polls).

Trump sitting in the oval office while people continue to flip their shit over it is kind of a daily victory for him.


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This guy has had business opponents analyzing every bowel movement he takes, then he gets the FBI looking at him, probably all kinds of private investigators...point being, the amount of people investigating Trump likely exceeds the population of some states. Everyone of importance, and many people without importance, are searching, hunting, looking for any kind of blood in the water, so what makes anyone think that we wouldn't find every single nasty detail about him? He is under the most scrutiny they can throw at him and they still can't find shit. Take the hint and realize you're not going to throw him out due to him committing crime, and mount up for the standoff in 2020.

Of course, if they realized this, we wouldn't have 666 pages of salt. Preaching to the converted and all...

A friend and I came up with an analogy describing the candidates for the 2016 election cycle:

Bernie was the guy who tried to catch flies with honey and for a while, things seemed to be working alright for him. Meanwhile, Hillary kept throwing vinegar at the flies and nothing stuck. She sees Bernie doing alright and decides to steal Bernie's honey. Instead of trying to use the honey for herself though, she simply threw the honey away and kept throwing vinegar at the flies. Still didn't work. So Trump steps in and decides to catch the flies with sugar, and he successfully catches them.

And here we are now, watching the Democrats and left-leaning media still stupidly throwing vinegar at the flies and not catching even one. If Bernie or someone else steps in and suggests "Hey, why don't we try catching these flies with honey instead of vinegar?" These suggestions are promptly poo-pooed by the aforementioned groups, while Trump continues to catch more and more flies. The Democrats will continue to rack their brains trying to figure out why the vinegar isn't working and decide Trump must've put some illegal substances in the sugar. Time and time again, they are proven wrong. And time and time again, they will always eliminate the obvious conclusion: you can't catch flies with vinegar

Make no mistake, I don't like Trump, but I like what the other side is doing even less.
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Francine StripeCheer

Democrats want to make it illegal for Trump to delete tweets.

Their just desperate at this point.
Next will come the Ice Cream Scoop Limitation Act 2017

...and start building the wall?

Stone and Parker have actually stated they won't make fun of Trump all that much since they believe he's funny by himself and they don't need to focus on him. They're handling it like they did with Bush, in that they don't think there's a lot they can say that everyone else hasn't already said.

Of course that was right after the election, so now I'm wondering if that's gonna change by the start of the next season.
well, they clearly planned on Hillary winning and the last season needed some hasty rewrites, and now they're stuck with President Garrison
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