Twitter 1/30 - Chris tries to portray Twitter blocks as just a meme -

Brian Butterfield

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The fuck is up with his sudden and repeated use of "bugbears"? I don't think I've seen that term pop up in anything except for 19th century literature and rpg critters that are actual bug/bear hybrids.
Why has Chris suddenly started using "Bugbear" as an insult? Is he taking up D&D or something?
Some people thought he got it from D&D due to his references to "truesight," but it's actually a villain from My Little Pony:
I'm super cereal, guys.

And by reference, I mean he straight up copy-pasted the definition of truesight on Twitter.


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This Twitter thing has been really entertaining, but I predict that it's going to take an intermission soon:

January 31, 2019...11:59PM EST, Ruckersville, VA:

"Stop Blocking Me You HATERS and TROLLS!"

February 1, 2019...12:01AM, EST, Ruckersville, VA:

The tardbucks hit his account and "oooh, toys!" for a few days.
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