Twitter 4/15 - Chris Wishes people could see Dimensional Merge, Claims Sightings of Anime Characters. - What a weeb. - Rest of this Twitter thread is Pokémon Go Ratcrap


Wear your shirt inwards out
Probably mistaken for a convincing cosplayer
Is he actually referring to Inuyasha or his torchic/combusken/blaziken of the same name? Does he think the Pokemon Go screenshot outside of his home counts as seeing it IRL?
He refers to the dog-man, too much of a furry Chris.


Wear your shirt inwards out
Here's his pokemon go ratcrap

Very good, you've caught the cause of the housefire

Why would an app exist when pokemon already exist in that "world"?
Sonichu, if he's not a puppet extension of Chris, would find the app disturbing because he'll get caught and crushed for candy
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What'll it be, boys?
I like how these encounters are referred to as "sightings." These fictional characters have the lumbering, furtive demeanor of Sasquatch.

It's also odd how only characters Chris is aware of and likes have been spotted. The Pet from Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend is curiously absent, as is Vecna and George Liquor.

Chrus Chundlur

Shaved orangutan
What do you even expect from Chris at this point anyway.
I expect him to run naked into the traffic covered in his own feces any day now.

And that after he is ran over, they crack open his pear-shaped noggin in the autopsy only to find a hamster with down's syndrome on a wheel instead of brains.

Only that the hamster was already dead since many years ago.


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[Schizophrenia intensifies]
fun fact: autism used to be grouped together with and called "childhood schizophrenia"

Chris' freakish devotion to CWCville and this Dimensional Merge rot reminds me of how @TheImportantFart described "Rufus" -- an extreme Star Wars fanatic. Both Chris and Rufus seem to have a degree of schizophrenia where they latch onto a fictional world as their identity.
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