Twitter 9/10 - Chris misses the Teen Troon Squad, hopes to get together with them again -

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If anyone wanted proof that he is the cause of most if not all of his own problems, here it is
I'll try to list from the beginning
  • Creating a porn drawing of a (former) friend
  • Create and publish a house tour video that can lead to eviction
  • Fail to let it go on his impersonator and his competitors
  • Exposing his wierd personal life
  • Blind trust on any internet "female" personalities
  • Went to another state with a little budget and no supervision
  • Destroyed his game console because of the lack of skepticism
  • Sexual misconduct in public
  • Assault game store personel
  • Lack of financial management
  • Relying on pseudoscience and new-age beliefs on anything
  • Practicing surgery on himself
  • Trusting the obviously wrong people

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It's as simple as this: Chris was conditioned to be emotionally abused, manipulated, and neglected as a child. Toon Troon squad did the same thing. Ergo, Chris misses the same treatment he got as a child from his parents. I don't think Chris' recent expansion into being "social" and mingling with fans is a genuine expansion into self-actualization. Chris doesn't have the tools, nor does he have the neurocircuitry to be a social butterfly. What Chris is looking to do is continuously reenact the pathology he shared with his parents through other people. This is evidenced by Chris constantly shitting on people trying to help him and jumping into the arms of people trying to treat him like shit. Yes, people have tried to help him by using his delusions like the Captain (AmneyFest Ring) & Null (Stan Smith), but they don't get through to him and eventually, they get shitted on by Chris. This "in" people have with Chris due to his delusions all started with Borb feeding into his delusions by saying, "oh, you're handsome Chris", "oh, you'll get a girlfriend, Chris", or "Oh, you're talented Chris". The toon troon squad/Ideafags are no different. The delusion is just more elaborate.


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He doesn't care if the adulation is fake so long as it's gratuitous. He's a narcissism gourmand.
Christian is a gourmand in the normal sense also .
From the father call, I imagine him eating 40 pounds of veg and being wholly indiscriminate

Stuff...candy...don't...I stuff vegetables down my throat! I stuff green beans! I stuff broccoli! I stuff corn! I stuff carrots!
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