Twitter 9/10 - Chris misses the Teen Troon Squad, hopes to get together with them again -

Mariposa Electrique

In 2021, Shit will hit the fan 4 Chris
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Chris wants to get back together with the teen troons because he wants to break out the weed and reeb and have an irl version of cwcvile rocking three way.jpeg only with him getting air humped by magichan

You're welcome for that mental image btw :cryblood:
Don't forget Sockness in his Spike costume.

I’m starting to hope Chris does meet Sockness just so he can watch his ugly mug larp along about merge nonsense all while hitting on him and maybe then Chris will finally realise how bad things have gotten in his life all because of his obsession with make believe. :optimistic:
If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention to the last 20 years

Pickle Inspector

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If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention to the last 20 years
I don’t think they’ll be a happy ending for Chris but maybe interacting with a creepy looking middle aged slow in the mind pervert in real life will make him think twice about who he meets up with in the future.

Or maybe Sockness will just steal some money from Chris and they’ll fall out before something worse happens.
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Pickle Inspector

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Chris must truly be feeling a sense of profound loss if he's willing to express it through such a trusted companion as JenkinsJinkies 2.0. At this rate, he'll be directing eulogies via hand puppets at Barb's funeral.
I wonder if Chris will be so far gone by the time Barb dies he'll be ranting about the merge at her funeral eulogy?


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Chris is probably cooped up in his house so much with so little human interaction that he misses just about anything where he got out of the house.
He probably views them as how he sees himself: some bubbly teenage girl.

But I think you're right. Outside of a few people dropping by, the Food Lion staff, Sheetz staff, Barb and the imaginary crew, Chris probably doesn't have anyone to hang out with and do stuff.

At least during The Golden Years, the old school trolls would engage him in actual conversation.

Mariposa Electrique

In 2021, Shit will hit the fan 4 Chris
True & Honest Fan
Plot twist: Sockness regrets on having intercourse with Chris
I was thinking the same thing. We all know it's not going to be anywhere near good, and it will be filthy. I can just imagine the next few weeks of Sockness trying to chew his arm off to get away from X-tine, and Chris throwing hissy fits, demanding money, and asking for pickles and ice-cream because he thinks he's pregnant.

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