Ty Beard thread - Bumbling Fat Wargames Nerd Lolyer High On His Own Farts


I benefit from the Mr. Potato Head syndrome.
Wait is that Vic at the wedding?
If that was really him then that shows how much of a good dude he is. I mean most people don't attend the wedding of their lawyer's kid.
The juxtaposition of those photographs is excellent, too. Mr Minibeard looks so happy to be taken down the aisle by Vic.


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Anyone know Ty's age for sure? I can never tell if he's an old looking Gen-X or a young boomer.


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He got his B.S. in 1988, and assuming he went to college right after high school and graduated in four years, that would put the bottom range for his age at 53 or 54.
I do remember in one of the streams he said he's younger than Vic (who's just shy of 60), so that lines up.