update & weigh-in 04/01/20 -


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"I've only been having one meal a day", as she then proceeds to describe the three full meals she has every day. 4 servings of white rice with a turkey burger for the "main meal". Bowl of cereal for a "snack" (coco-puffs are her "jam" right now apparently). Finally, she has just a tiny little insignificant meal of a TV dinner, but it's small to her so it doesn't really count as a full meal.
Hmm, wondering how big that bowl is...


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She says two of Rickie's fellow chicken chokers tested positive for the wu flu :cryblood: :chicken: :cryblood: :chicken:
She says Rickie and his work are "taking precautions" but I can't blame Amber for being scared, because if Rickie's work/Rickie fucks up, he'll get it, and if he gets it, that whole house is going to get it.

For all she knows, they're all already infected.
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whew. ricky can wash his hands for hours when he gets home but with two confirmed cases at work he's almost certainly been exposed and is most likely a carrier.

she says her weight loss has been put on the back burner because corona and then gaslights everyone by saying worrying about her weight loss is stupid right now because corona.

the reason she will not receive any sort of significant help should she contract COVID-19 and seek medical treatment is because she's a fat fuck with a comprised immune system due to her body already being exhausted from trying to keep her 500+ elbees alive. you'd think now more than ever is the time to light a fire under your shelf butt ass and actually be serious about weight loss for once in your life, but nah.

lol gg ricky

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Amber the last few years- deep throating food on YouTube for $$ while being a condescending bitch to people pointing out she's gonna die.
Amber now- "I'm not ready to die which is likely if I catch this."

Even before this, her body couldn't fend off mild infections and she's been on multiple courses of antibiotics but now she's so super anxious about her hypothetical impending death.


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Honestly if Ricky is carrying that and she gets it, she could be going down a path that will make her regret her choices the last 5+ years. And its not something that Becky can drive you to a ER to easily fix.

I notice whenever her and Becky or just her solo does a sit down of her diet goals they always mention drinking more water first like thats the answer and will reverse shit. No the answer is you having no access to your money and seeing a doctor.

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If there are 2 confirmed cases at Ricky's work, there are at least 20 more by now walking around with it & don't know they have it. They probably share a break room - how often are tables/chairs, disinfected? Ricky may well be incubating it & if he is, she's toast. She puts the one thing that would improve her chances of survival on the back burner because she's anxious about The Big Thing that threatens her survival. Damn it, that woman makes me want to start drinking - heavily. If anyone had any remaining hopes that she'd eventually wake up & smell the coffee about her weight, those hopes should be thoroughly dashed. A pandemic which will be followed by a depression can't get through the fat cells to her brain.