Using every part of the buffalo -

Do you eat animal guts?

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I've eaten venison heart and liver and beef liver before. Liver is kind of meh, but I liked heart. It's got a flavor like liver but a consistency more like a tough steak. I had it pan fried with a light breading.

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My family sometimes cooks beef liver steaks with wharever i cooked during the week. texture is terrible. i did a while ago chitterling sandwiches with sausages, and onions, they're pretty common in here when there's a concert or during national parties.

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Chittlins are good, gotta have hot sauce thought.

With deer I also eat the hearts and livers. Nobody else seems to want them in my party so I end up taking most everyone else's as well.


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Chittlins are fucking amazing when properly prepared.

The problem is I'm pretty sure the last dude that knew how to do it died about 15 years ago.


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Liver can be pretty good. Every once in awhile I will order tripe out of curiosity but it's usually mediocre and I'm not sure it can be done any better. The best tripe I've ever had was just edible really, and bad tripe is inedible. All the tripe I've had was from Chinese places if that changes anything. Also it was honeycomb, and the texture and appearance are extremely unappealing to say the least. Are you guys getting it in soup? I'm pretty sure I've had it that way and it was much better than as dim sum.
I made some fried chicken gizzards one time and they were pretty good, but never felt compelled to do it again.


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Fried chicken gizzards are another really awesome dish if the cook knows what they're doing. Otherwise it's like chewing something between hard rubber and even harder plastic.

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