Victor Mignogna v. Funimation Productions, LLC, et al. (2019) - Vic's lawsuit against Funimation, VAs, and others, for over a million dollars.


Nobel Prize in Economics!

Ever since that call Jack Buck has done the play by play announcing in my dreams. That call is up there with the last little bit of the US-USSR hockey game in the 1980 Olympics by Al Michaels and Howard Cossel's "Down goes Frazier! Down goes Frazier! Down goes Frazier!"

Everything about the '91 World Series was perfect, except Jane Fonda' s smug, traitorous face. Half the fucking footage was "look at the happy newlyweds" type garbage of her and Turner.

Divine right to rule

Per asperga ad astra
Poor @AnOminous. First people think he's Nick Rekieta. Then they think he's Ty Beard. And now, someone jokingly thinks he's Ron Toye. Hasn't the poor guy suffered enough?
Plottwist: He is all three. This case isn't real. It was a 5d chess grift, managed by Nick Rekeida. Ron Toye, Ty Beard, even Judge Chupp are just paid actors to maintain the illusion. He fooled us all, and he took all of the GoFundMe to buy cosmetic surgery for the Racketlings, because all of them inherited his huge nose.

Please Appeal Court Give Us a sign or ruling to reap the salt of these Unfortunate Events.

Please don't allow covid-Delta push this back to 2023.