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I love this one for what it is... A Christmas-themed version of Rob Zombie's "More Human than human" (Literally, he did the music for this game) from the only one of the first 3 Twisted Metals I actually remember playing as a kid (even though I'm fairly certain I played the other two as well.)
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Since it's Halloween and we live in Clown World these days, I figured I'd post a few of my favorite tracks from CarnEvil.

Given the nature of this forum, I think this would be a great theme tune for Kiwi Farms

This track from the second half of the stage would be the signature tune for horrorcows and certain horrific communities like Atomwaffen, All The Fallen, or the Zoosadists.

The anthem of dying lolcow communities like Tumblr and ED or washed-up has-been lolcows like Brianna Wu and ADF

A&H should have this as their anthem, because the /pol/ rejects will make you scream and cry and then you'll die...

I think this should be Weeb Wars board's official anthem, because that whole saga is every bit as crazy and out of left field as this mashup remix...



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iS: internal Section is a very underrated Japan only PS1 game (It plays sort of like Tempest, N20, Rez, etc) and it has an excellent techno soundtrack (and the ability to play your own music CDs).

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