Feedback We need a thread about autistic mods - Mods need to be more accountable for their actions

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jannies ruin lots of fun threads by threadbanning spergs like @Senior Lexmechanic. I thought the whole point of this website was to laugh at spergouts, why are jannies allowed to do this?
It apparently "shits up threads".

You see, this is why jannies are faggots, as well as the mods. If they had the sick senses of humor us plebians have, they'd let it happen like a bunch of monkeys running lose in a cage.


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Yeah pretty sure it's 6 months for the board to unlock. Guess I should have said really new newfags.
I asked why I suddenly had access to a new place.

And then I asked the same question a few days later, because I'm a fucking retard and forgot I already asked.

Long story short, don't trust me to remember anything, because I'm a dumbass.


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if i was a mod i would let all threads up and let everyone fight between themselves

the only thing i would do is restore back deleted threads/comments because i like watching fights
We need a dedicated board for that imo.

@Null how about making a Bloodsports board where anything goes, there's no rules it's just people tearing into each other?


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the only thing bad about tsic is that most users over there are like zombies consuming and producing awful jokes and they rarely fight for real

i want a big fight, the type of an online fight that will crash my browser because of the amount of people taking part in it
@Spectre_06 vs @Trombonista
@AnOminous vs @Sheryl Nome

Let's see how this plays out. I don't even care what they argue about, tbh.


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getting out of your ass tits up drunk while watching people losing their shit and chimping everywhere must be quite the experience
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