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Still weeb-related, but it's so bad so good it started a meme even here in my lame country of IT.
Basically, an engaged couple of 30 years old with marriage plans (something our favourite cuck @Ron Toye won't ever have in his life, hopefully for whoever is dumb enough to stay with him, Monica or not :smug: ) were killed by their ex-tenant, a 21 year dude who was the definition of incel and perpetually alone with 2 failed pursuits of romance and he decided in August to kill the couple out of jealousy since they were so happy and he was always sad and alone and even suffered constant fits of rage resulting in difficulties in expressing his emotions (another thing familiar to our fellow kiwi @Ron Toye wow wonder why?:smug::smug:). Nothing exceptional till now I know, but then a certain TV program called Quarto Grado here made a two-hour service describing the case and gave out many informations regarding both victims and the culprit apprehended recently (due to his own mistake of talking about it on What'App&Facebook, something a certain super cuck LOVES to do :smug::smug::smug:) and the most super take was from his room-mate, which said how said guy never EVER sang anything but some time before the homicides he heard the guy sing the opening theme of Yu-Gi-Oh GX, which of course sparked some big hilarity from the weebdom here and the memes just exploded, with many old vids like the Charles Manson's interrogation and the movie about the Columbine shootings with said opening as bgm.
I know it's super dumb stuff, but here in IT people went crazy about it and started using it as a meme for like every killer, yet this caused an interest in the YGH brand and many went to get the animes and even some cards! :story::story::story:

EDIT: Last night on the news, the culprit from his cell has explained his actions and actually expressed regret over doing the double killing, but wasn't stupid enough to ask for forgiveness since his mother already apologized to both families of the victims, the culprit actually owned up to his sins and expects a heavy punishment for what he did, plus he said "don't be weak like me, strive to be better and seek help if you need it" basically becoming in less than a month a much better individual than "the better&changed man @Ron Toye" , he knows what he did and never once sugar coat it or twisted it nor ever insult nor diminish the pain he caused, instead choosing to own it all up expecting to be punished accordingly. Guess when it's gonna be Ron's time to be punished in whatever way, he's still gonna lie his way blaming anyone but himself and thus meeting another fat loss adding another big fail to the ever increasing list. :lunacy: :lunacy:
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I haven't been keeping up with that show, but I don't recall the Saban dub really pointing out the hat in any weird way. Is it with a logo instead, or what?
Here. Could be based on Mimi's company too.


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So either-or. Left up to speculation, looks like.

Also Jesus, did they seriously trace over the original character art for the redesign like the lazy fucks they are?
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Oh my God they did.
To be fair the the designs for the remake are done by Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru AKA the original designer for the original Digimon Adventure.



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The VAs mentioned are known to be in the LA dubbing scene, but it looks like Funimation is hosting the stream on their services.
I am curious as to why the Ocean dub tream have not been brought in for this, though.
Not sure either. I only know that the reason why Funimation is able to stream it is because they have some kind of partnership going on with ViZ Media even if the VAs work for a completely different dubbing studio.