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This is just how criminal court process goes sometimes.

The initial hearing scheduled for tomorrow was really a formality, to make sure Krissy had a lawyer, she understood the charges, read her rights. Possibly argue the states evidence.

To waive the initial hearing they just say “we’ve done all that and she understands the charges and we’re not arguing the evidence, let’s just skip the formality and schedule the trial”. So Yeah.
I presume she finally used one of her very few brain cells to think to contact a lawyer as opposed to listening to Lawltwitter being as exceptional as they are.

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No doubt it's been said before, but if Vic was anything like what these tedious losers say he is, how many of them would have some serious issues because they ran their mouths? Do you think Sabat would be running shit at Funi? Guarantee Vic would have ousted that ugly faggot somehow, some way.
Part of me thinks if Vic was what they kept accusing him of being, they would have protected him as long as they could like the other pedo they had to let go.


Side note: The court hearing won’t take place tomorrow. The date changed to December 16th, 2021 at 1:15 PM Central Time. I’ll contact you all if anything comes up.
3 months delay?

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Good point. I didn't even think of that.
Said that to Sabat himself at one point when I still was on twitter during the early states of this fuckery. They are damned if they do and damned if they don't. The only thing they can do is double down because if we see the day these clowns get taken to task, it will be their worst nightmare.


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So, the Bankrupt Douchebag has made the claim of ISWV @'ing him when I don't think people on ISWV would @ him in the first place. Anybody got any archived bits that actually prove his idiotic statement?

View attachment 2540325

Side note: This motherfucker cannot physically LIVE without Twitter. It's his life support. Combing through this guy's tweets showcased everything wrong with Lawltwitter. He doesn't have anything to do in his life other than talk shit on Twitter. Remove that, and expect a flatline on his heart monitor.
I don't even want this fat, wheezing fuckup to shut up. He makes any cause he advocates look worse.

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@Squally Is the Camp Pendelton signing going to be anywhere special?
Ugh so sorry to see this so late.
so CP is so large it has its own GameStop in it so it will be there.

However, the civilian population is not allowed on the base so it is an event specific for our troops.

There will be another signing October 2nd from 11-6 in Paramount CA that is open to the public. This is the graphic we made to go with the announcement from what we just published
Edit: (i don’t know how to archive my own intellectual property, but here you go)


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Ugh so sorry to see this so late.
so CP is so large it has its own GameStop in it so it will be there.

However, the civilian population is not allowed on the base so it is an event specific for our troops.
I assume this will just be for Saturday, right?




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