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Here I was theorizing that Monica's trigger was being rejected by Vic when he was single back in December, but now it looks like it might just be angering Ron in January. I suspect we won't see Monica admit to it - or use it as an excuse - until after TCPA.

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The brain dead sheep on the KV side are already hard at work kissing Ron's soy filled, wife beating ass as we speak.


Then again they have no issues siding with people who were/are associated with pedophiles and sex offenders (Sarah Weidenheft, MarzGurl, Monica Rial), who publicly and (not so) privately shit talk their/others fans (Chris Sabat) and those who've done nothing but purposely defame and lie about Vic for the last 7 months (pretty much everyone on the KV side of this shit show) between other stuff. So might as well add siding with a cowardly wife beater to that list.

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Remembering HxH, wouldn't the absolute closest thing to a trans person (if we're going from the actual definition of male transitioning to female and vice versa) be Kite? Albeit he didn't exactly change to a girl through his own choice.
I mean we're talking about a dude who was killed, eaten, turned into a weird bug-human hybrid, then somehow kept both his mind and soul. There's many labels you could apply in this situation.
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Our soy boi Ron was only for short moment in the Top 5, so I couldn't grab an archive for his 5th place(I only have a screenshot),
but here are archives for his 6th place.



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Kickvic diehards can live in denial, but what are all those normal people seeing a dude trending on twitter alongside an #exposed hashtag going to think about a mortgage broker who beats his wives and threatens to kill animals?
https://youtu.be/f8h9VT9Ifm0?t=2891 (watch from 48:50 to 50:26)

Fron Ron's own mouth. It's ok to get fired from your job if 4 or more people accuse you of something and the company hears about it. So I have to wonder what that mortgage company he works with would think about one of their employees trending on twitter being called out for having a history of spousal abuse, threatening to kill members of his family and a judge and having been taken to court because of it. Especially when the earliest form of abuse listed on the court document was all the way back in 2012 and he's worked at 2 mortgage companies from 2015 to present day.


Makes one wonder if these companies even bothered to run a background check on this fucking rat.