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Although I can understand completely why people would want to stay on the fence or keep their heads down because of the animals and their cancel culture BS being a very real threat to employment...

...It's the people who ride the fence and/or run and hide that ARE the power the SJWs wield. I don't think I could function in today's PC workplace knowing that every person I worked with was either going to be a #metoo/social climbing power tripper, or too utterly cowardly to tell the actual truth when one of the nutcases LARPed their latest intrigue into the HR dept. After everything the public in general has seen with false accusations and companies willing to completely fuck over their best people on the word of whatever victim walks through the door, they should understand that they arent immune to being the next witch being hunted.

Yet people continue to remain silent out of fear. Their fear is the power being used against everyone. Until that changes, nothing changes.
There's a reason they pile on an individual and don't try to implement their rule unilaterally. The separating you out from the herd and utterly destroying you is vicious but effective. All too often people will be glad its not them and keep their heads down. But as the bodies pile up one by one, the fear increases and also the feeling everyone is on their own.

other things have made it worse
- attackers can invade someone's life, wreck it, get the fuck out and live a life devoid of repercussions of their behavior. This is new and thanks to social media
- activist media. If you can align your attack with a cause de jour, the media will move into your camp and carry your version of events.

Xenomorphs Are Cute

He was Deuce Gorgon & some other roles in Monster High, Maitreya in SMT4: Apocalypse & did BG voices in P5 (probably some side-NPC).

The reason behind him wanting to play Junpei is because he played a character name Junpei twice in 2 Zero Escape Games (ZE: The Nonary Games & Zero Time Dilemma).

He's a borderline nobody apart from his roles in Monster High.

Link to the OG Post:
Archive: http://archive.li/EFa9Z
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Asshole Extraordináire
I have a feeling that if congress ever gets around to regulating social media as a public square ... AKA: an end to leftist speech control, She won't withstand the pressure of operating in a truly public space for long. Without Twitter being able to simply ban the people who reject woke gaslighting and cancel culture, she'll/he'll/whatever it is will become an actual incell and we'll only hear about it again when the police reports are published.
Let's just hope it failed instead of succeed doing what ever bullshit it did try and do of a report does come out.

It is just weird because no corporate statement can be straight forward. "I just need to know if this one company made money."

Akiva Cohen telling Fitzpatrick to stop spreading disinfo. Never thought I would see the day.
Akiva was always one of the smarter lawyer in lawltwitter, far more than Dickhead Greg although still incredibly dumb

RGE is a decent guy. Anti censorship/Pro Vic/Weebwars. Seems to have most of his shit together. Talked to hm a few times online. He's not afraid to argue and comes prepared.
Fucking love the man but do worry about him supporting CG when it's being the cancer feast that it is. I just hope he uses it to do some good and move on to something else.


how could you
Akiva Cohen telling Fitzpatrick to stop spreading disinfo. Never thought I would see the day.
Not as funny as when Lemwaaah called him a concern troll and said his hat was stupid.

Not really relevant, but I thought it was funny. This dude answered to one of Vic's con announcements with a mocking tweet, then answered to his own tweet as if he were a different person. Basically, he forgot to switch accounts.

View attachment 1144234

You have to forgive the beaner. He has other things on his mind, like dodging ICE.

Xenomorphs Are Cute

Nothing Vic related but if anyone here who isn't me or Sparda, remembered Zenrotto, he's rarely mentioned here due to his irrelvancy, but he's hugely known to be a block-happy white-knighting Gacha-tuber, who's KV & just a soylent cuck in general.

Back to point, if y'all are a bit of weeb & remember the MHA shit going on since last week, well, Zen is supporting the wrong side.

Archive: http://archive.li/bPh8N

Also, he looks like a DSC without balding

Edit: Guess who're the people following him?
Just an FYI, Maria rated Jamie on her "trash" tweet, but never said anything about the situation itself

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Well, Emmett, three things on that:

1. The point of the TCPA isn't to debate the credibility of evidence. This is something everyone forgot, including the lackadaisical judge.

2. He can't depose you when discovery is stayed. You know this because it's been repeated so many times but you're a dishonest perjurer who "forgets" how things work when it's convenient for your Twitter takes.

3. If I were Vic's lawyer, I'd leave your lies on the record so that I could tear them apart in front of the jury. If the appeals go through, I sure hope you, Jinnie McFatass, and the Crimson Chin are all ready to get called up to take the stand.
"Your honor, I call EMMETT PLANT to the stand!"


"Uh...I don't know actually."

"You really want to call HIM to the stand? That fucking loser right there? Look where I'm pointing my finger really hard - RIGHT THERE. THAT stupid-looking ®etard?"

"Oh my god you're right. He's such a fucking loser. Wow......

Uh....no. Fuck him. Hey Emmett! Fuck you. Get out of the court room. Nobody likes you."


"Your honor, I call anyone more important than Emmett to the stand, which is anyone in the fucking world - even someone who eats his own shit. Even some guy who is seriously re+arded and smells terrible."

"Okay. Let's get someone on this fucking stand RIGHT NOW, - maybe the shit-eating guy? - and BAILIFF.....get that faggot right outta my court room! Throw his ass out!"

*Bailiff pulls out his gun and starts yipping and hollering*


How I imagine it going down, honestly.


Just for laughs... the pathetic Lawtwitter defender from yesterday came out of the woodwork again.

This pixelated... thing really has a love boner for her favourite penisheaded laywer.

View attachment 1144255

Oh its worse than that too, one of the posters in the hidden part of the tread was trying to debunk the fact Greg lied about his GFM as against the gfm terms with this!

Proving they lack the reading comprehension required to join legal conversations.

The rule they are citing is not about allowing GFM campaign's to use money how every they see fit, it disallows DONATORS from dictating how money is used as they donate it. That might sound the same to people who lack understanding of basic cause and effect situations, but it basically boils down to a donator not being allowed to tell the campain that "You can only use my money to do this portion of the goal you have setup, but not the other" as opposed to the campaign taking the money and using it to do something totally different.

But this is all moot when the GFM also includes this in its rules which directly and bluntly disallows dishonest campaigns.

edit: after some extra posts she made, she somehow does not think that fraud is a crime.
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