Weeb Wars Memes and Fanart - More entertaining than Weeb Wars itself because it's "From the fans!"

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Who's the most memeable person in Weebwars?

  • Nick Rekieta

  • Jennifer Lynn Hunt

  • T. Greg Doucette

  • Shane Holmberg

  • Ron Toye

  • Jamie Marchi

  • Spirit Jr.

  • That Umbrella Guy

  • The Whale (Ren)

  • Marzgurl

  • Vic Lasagna

  • Lemon Führer

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We did a little trolling
True & Honest Fan
I wanted to make this Thread for ages, but I was a lazy smug.
There isn't much to say, just post memes, fanart or any other artistic contribution in Weeb Wars with a WW theme.
One thing I should add, if you post a meme about someone that isn't well known in Weeb Wars,
you should add a brief introduction/summary about him.(Or a link to his dox)




Self made memes or fanart is always appreciated, let your autism run free!!
Here are 3 memes I made myself:
kiwi gas png 1.png

Null (2).png

It was long overdue;
Let us collect the autistic art of Weeb Wars.
Edit: Don't forget to vote for the most memeable person in Weeb Wars.(You can choose 3 people)
Edit 2: Be careful, some pictures have giant resolutions, please resize them with the tool in your post box.
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Salty Boris

You have good taste.
Ok so for me I’ve always been partial to memes made by Homelessberg. Unfortunately he’s no longer with us for the most part. But during his peak he made some great memes. I have a collection of them which I shall dig out. Here is one of his and another one I pilfered from Shane’s old discord server, I’m not sure who the author is.
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Devilish Bodhisattva

|Made in Heaven, living in Hell|
I've taken to meming the one who's name "we will wemember" Spirit Jr as of late due to some of the shit he's been saying on discord and Twitter.

I also made a few of Simpaishome as well

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