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Weight loss support thread.

Discussion in 'Hulkamania' started by AtroposHeart, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. I'm back from a vacation that involved rich foods and plenty of booze. Appropriately, my clothes now fit more tightly and I've started getting paunchier. Somebody please crack the whip and get me doing push ups again.
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  2. Close to 32 elbees gone.
    Thinking about getting a fitness-tracker, maybe the Mi Band 3.
    Edit : Just bought the Mi Band 2, seems to be pretty good (and cheap)
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  3. The Mi Band 2 seems really well built and accurate.
    Even though it's like 90 outside I decided to take a walk to the supermarket to test it out and it's pretty much bang on when it comes to distance.
    January Cyst

    January Cyst Kick a duck up the arse

  4. I've hit another plateau, they seem to appear every 10 lbs. like clockwork.
    This one is persistent, even though I'm still at a 1000 cal. deficit (probably more thanks to cardio), no movement for over a week.
    January Cyst

    January Cyst Kick a duck up the arse

  5. At the beginning of the summer i was at 248 pounds, I've managed to loose about 24 of those pounds in 3 months ive been trying to work out more and have been trying to eat properly again and not junk food crap and I think it's doing the trick, i think my real problem is the ability of trying to out there and try to work out, I have a lot of thing in my schedule i sometimes i don't feel like i make the time to work out.
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  6. Back in February I was around 220-225. I had to go to a wedding in March and i couldn’t fit into my wedding suit (I had gotten married the previous October) and none of my clothes fit.

    I started dieting and I’m down to 195 now. The summer is tough to lose weight, especially on the weekends with parties / nice weather / holidays but I’ve stayed under 200 since April which has been great.

    I’ve realized a lot of it is diet. I was doing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training / CrossFit) 5-6x a week, but ate like crap. I started doing WeightWatchers and stuff like chicken, seafood, beans and veggies are all zero points. Tracking everything really helped the weight come off too
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  7. I lost weight a few months ago but I'm regaining it. It's not coming back as quickly as it did in the past because I do fasted cardio before breakfast.

    It's all the carbs, dude. I missed bread and chips and pancakes.

    I was in a dangerous spot early in August because I suddenly decided "fuck doing morning cardio" but I convinced myself to get back on the wagon and not let not getting up at 4am be an excuse.

    When I'm in the zone, it's magical because I work out so much that every day I get too tired to have a third meal. Impromptu intermittent fasting for the win!
  8. I'm p fat, working on it tho. Hard to exercise properly cause i have chronic pain and other health issues, but starting working again recently has helped me become more active. My main issues health wise are;
    External Tibial Tortion
    Un-diagnosed gastro issues, causing nausea and abdo pain frequently

    These together make exercise hard and eating even harder, but im determined to get to a point where I can like my body. I work with disabled kids now, and that involves pretty much chasing after literally autistic 15 year olds for 7 hours a day, so i'm definitely getting more mobile than i used to be. I need to curb my comfort eating/urge to just get takeout, its rough and im struggling with fatigue which makes cooking a nightmare and my housemates are so unclean the kitchen is like a biohazard.

    So far from my start of 119kg (260llb) ish, I'm down about 5kg/11 lbs and counting in about 3 months, with my end goal being about 60kg (130lbs ish). This thread is wholesome and I hope it will give me some motivation to keep at it. Any tips for at-home exercise would be appreciated. Considering investing in some small dumbbells to do stretches with as I can't really afford or fit an exercise bike in my room lol.
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