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I decided to stop playing Suikoden 1 and just start on 2. The dialogue in 1 is just too stilted and sparse. There's something good in there, but it's hidden behind what's seems like a freshman effort and I've only got so much time in the day...
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atm trying to do a complete run of Fallout 4 where I actually explore all the locations. Decided to go with Brotherhood since they are the ones geared around going out there and shooting stuff in irradiated hellholes. Even their combat armor has radiation resistance.



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Space Station 13: Played as a test subject (Monkey) and talked shit to the Botanists because of how dirty and cramped their offices were, gave them a piece of paper to communicate with them but they didn't seem to understand what I was saying. Also a QM got me drunked and tried to kill me but I ran away, also extracted all their (Botanists) weed used a flamethrower and sprayed people with THC which got them all high.
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Death Mark on Steam kinda seems to be based around The Grudge not too bad so far for a visual novel. Also may be one of the last remaining World of Warcraft players with how bad people are responding to BFA.


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Escape from Tarkov
Insurgency: Sandstorm
Rising Storm 2
Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment (gog version)

I always try to have one singleplayer game in the rotation so I can work on my back log. After I finish all the Shovel Knight expansions I am thinking of trying Yakuza 0


Age of wonders 1. I shat the bed and chose the wrong spheres at the start, so I'm having a hell of a time beating the blatantly moneycheating AI.


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Playing Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite with people via OpenVPN.

God I love the design of the G-rank Black Gravios Gunner Armor. So badass.


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Went back to the Master Chief Collection.

Is it just me or do shots (across the board, all games) register MUCH better than their original counterparts? I have a pretty average upstream bandwidth, just to clarify.

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Went back to the Master Chief Collection.

Is it just me or do shots (across the board, all games) register MUCH better than their original counterparts? I have a pretty average upstream bandwidth, just to clarify.
Not sure, but 343 have been hard at work on improving the game lately to make up for its launch state. Maybe one of those improvements is better shot registration.


I picked up Staxel because it finally came out on Steam, and I need something to tide me over until Animal Crossing comes out on Switch.

I played it until like 4 AM the first night so I'd say it's pretty good. Scratches both the Minecraft itch and the Animal Crossing itch, as well as some Stardew Valley. Basically it's crack.

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I really want to get Risk of Rain 2, but I've still yet to get internet at my place, so I've been playing a lot of RoR1 on the Switch, solo.

Been playing Wario Land and OpenRCT2 on the side.
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Finally got around to playing Sonic Mania today. Only played it for about half an hour so far but looking forward to getting further into it tomorrow and unlocking some more stuff.

The new bonus levels are cool, the Sega Saturn looking ones, the blue/red sphere bonus stages I was never very good at. I have a few of them down so far but seem to have run into a wall. Just need to git good.

It controls really well and I like the new power ups. A nice mixture of old and new. Maybe a bit too much old since I've played the 90s 2D sonic games to death but hey I've only just beat the first two levels and there was enough new stuff in there to make me smile and keep my attention.

Looking forward to unlocking some other characters, might even get the DLC at some point.
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