What do you do when a loved one works for a sick fuck? -


Don't underestimate Razor-Blade Remi.
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OP, You should do what KJU does when his henchmen sneeze.


These days, just make a viral smear campaign on social media.
He might not get into legal trouble but he'll be boycotted to hell.
You don't even need to provide evidence, the lynch mob doesn't care about silly things like that.
Send this story to Metokur or some other internet persona who talks about stuff like that and it will spread like wildfire.
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Mein Garten

Kamerads, wir must take die wassermelonen.
I have it on good authority that the people at the kennels and animal humane societies in that city are fat and incompetent. Also, that place is a shithole. Move the fuck away.

Also, the city councillors are a bunch of cock guzzling faggots (quite literally), so I'm sure they would listen to you if given the chance.
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