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A 90's era FreddyChef army (Canadian) ration in a boilbag. Ham omelette. Fucking fantastic. Stole a crate of rations when I left. The ham omellettes, you heat up on the manifold of your jeep and stick in your boots as footwarmers, to open and eat later. Can't do THAT with some POS dehydrated Yank MRE!
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Ex-Christmas cold cuts - beef shredded and mixed through pasta with leftover gravy reduction, sliced ham with cheese and crackers, bubble and squeak (a sort of hash br0wn to use up old veg: potato, parsnips, carrots and sprouts) with turkey.

Pinot Pierrot

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My parents were in Spain when Thanksgiving was rolling around, so me and my little bro decided to brine a Christmas turkey so they get to taste what they missed out on.

As a whole family of procrastinators, it ended up being our New Year's turkey. Still delicious though.


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Wendys up the road from me got in kiosk ordering, turns out there's a lot of free options for sauces on burgers, and if you get one of those $4 bags you can max size the fries for only sixty cents more.


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I tried the mac and cheese at Chick-fil-A and it was deliciiiouuuus. Super creamy and it had a little bit of the crust that optimal mac gets. I succumed to the lure of delicious fried chicken and got a 4-strip meal instead of a 3 like usual and it ended up being way more than I needed to eat. I was sort of healthy though, I decided to get lemonade instead of a milkshake. Lemons are fruit, that's totally healthy.