What If?: Beauty Parlour Edition -

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What if Anna Johnson and Chantal Sarault woke up tomorrow morning to discover they'd switched bodies, in a sort of Freaky Friday scenario?

Chantal would have gross poop-in-a-bag to talk about and people begging her to eat. Anna could start starving and purging again, lose a huge amount of weight, and actually get praised for it. What could possibly go wrong?


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What if the Hartley Hooligans were boys instead of girls? How would the dynamic and Gwen's posting habits change?
The dynamic would then be the potatoes are sporty, sassy, rebellious teens and she would dress them up in football team uniforms and gridirom helmets... no wait, knowing her the costumes would be a baseball ball and a football ball.

What if instead of the Slaton Sisters being Tammy and Amy they were Chantal and Amberlynn?


What if Luna Slater turned her life around and used her experience as a crustpunk kawaii girl as writing material?

What if Abby Brown realized that her signature pose in photos makes her lol a hundred times uglier than she actually is?
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What if James Charles came out with a product that wasn't total garbage?


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What if Ashley Isaacs and Anna Johnson switched bodies with the Slaton Sisters?


What if Tess Holiday decided to troon out for a last gasp at media attention and extra woke points ? Would #fuckyourgenderstandards take off and guarantee her another three years of 'modelling' work?