What is the best way to reheat pizza from the fridge? -

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Found this one while browsing on reddit

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Dont put that shit in the fridge. Leave it in the box in the kitchen like a slob, then microwave it if you're feeling a bit saucy.

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IME, if you have a pizza pan, the best way to do it is take the pan out of the oven, pre-heat the oven to 350, then put the pizza on the pan and stick it in the oven for 5 minutes or so (you can usually tell how things are going by the smell.) The only reason I'm being so pedantic about the pan is if you let it get hot during pre-heating, it'll dry out the bottom of the pizza really fast.


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Turn on an over's broil on to about 350 degrees, put pizza on top rack. Only takes 3-5 minutes but make sure to pay attention because this will also turn your pizza to carbon very easily if you don't.

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i throw that shit in the toaster oven or i just eat it cold depending on how lazy i am. i usually just eat it cold, though.


Toaster oven is my favorite, but I put a tin foil layer under the pizza so it mostly gets heated from the top and the crust doesn't burn. Most of the time I get pizza I find it a tad under-cooked, so I often like it better the second day this way.


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Put a dish of water in your hot oven until its steaming then put the slice in on a rack or something so the steam can circulate around it. Leave it in until the cheese has remelted and the crust should still be crispy or soft depending on the bread type.