What is your "utopia"? What would your "perfect society" look like? - Why cant I just run the world?

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Get to space. Only getting to space matters. Are you contributing to us getting to space? Great! Are you not really making an effort to bring about an age of Kardeshev type 2 humanity? Geeze Citizen, maybe you should go pile dirt at the Tsiolkovsky tower. Actively standing in the way of human destiny? Stop resisting.
Build the launch vehicle, program the mining and refining drones, railgun launch mining payloads, assemble the O'Neil cylinders, perfect microgravity manufacturing, develop tokamak fusion power, Dyson swarms, Shkadov thrusters, interplanetary laser transit system, AI drones blasted at relativistic velocity to nearby stars to herald our arrival.
I want a just and equitable world with healthy lands and oceans, to lift people from misery and to cure cancers as bad as the next guy but at the going rate we will choke this planet, or ourselves, to death trying to bring that about here. The age of solar humanity is the best hope for the freedom of the human spirit, the only hope for our long term survival and the last challenge worthy of a united effort.
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  • Implement a eugenics program based on IQ and other desirable traits.
  • Phase out government assistance programs.
  • Totally reform education system to be focussed on excellence for the high-achievers and job-ready training for trade-based qualifications for the plebs.
  • Global focus on STEM.
  • Enforce a Christian-based morality system that does not require belief in God in a metaphysical sense.
  • Parenting licence for women and high-quality academics focused child care exclusive to women who are essential to the workforce.
  • Reform architecture style to create more natural spaces with access to gardens, trees etc.

    Tl;dr: I have no idea, am oblivious to the ramifications and will possibly be assassinated after the first step.

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Everything is like real life but it’s in a simulation and everyone is in a sci fi test tube on the moon. Also a tube may sometimes inject poison into someone to kill them for real but if you die in the sim you get to spend the rest of your life on the moon doing nothing but look at earth and basic needs.
In the simulation when you eat drink etc the tube feeds you nutrients into your body so you don’t die and people lose weight without knowing it but they don’t look like holocaust survivors, just normal -bodied. Also you can do anything in the sim and I mean anything like sperging about a utopia on Deep Thoughts but once you die the only thing you can do is wait or if you have enough e-bucks you can buy a pass in the simulation which then prints out that will let you go back to a new and improved earth.

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All out war for basic resources, extreme scarcity of food and water not to even mention advanced stuff like oil or medicine. Billions of people around the world dying from hunger and disease, realizing they never truly lived but just had their life sustained for them by the machinery of civilization. All the fat people, deformed children and other biological mistakes perish over night. The only way to survive another day is to fight. Meekly abstracts like reason and morality are gone because there are no more nerds alive to whine about them.

I travest the postnuclear steppe with my band of cannibal barbarian rapists, we all have AK-47s, trained hyenas and Bane-like backpacks that constantly pump pure medical grade meth into our veins (meth is now the currency), along with halotestin, sildenafil, trenbolon acetate and small doses of psilocybin. I live, I burn with life, I love, I slay, and am content.
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I am revered as a Saint in both religious and secular terms. My palace is built in the Swiss Alps. My DNA is used to create a class of Hemsworth-tier supermen.
- A united global effort is directed towards cleaning the environment and shifting to renewable and clean energy sources
- Space travel and colonisation are set as urgent priorities
- Science and education are prioritised above all else
- Middlemen and other useless "workers" in all areas are forced to retrain to contribute to the above (Insta-THOTs become plastic sorters, etc).
- Everyone who can work, does.
- Artists are required to have real, practical jobs unless officially endorsed.
- Once space travel is at a reliable enough level, colonisation of space begins.
- Earth populations are required to move to new space habitats.
- Earth population reduced to 100 million who function as caretakers of what is now a museum world.
- Selected cities are returned to the form of their glory days. Everything else is re-wilded and returned to nature.
- Humanity is forced out into the stars and I release my control from them, spending the rest of my life in Earth, maybe going on tour now and then.

There's probably a lot of nitty-gritty along the way, dealing with individual groups and ideologies, but I think these are the main points.

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Those who get fooled are partially at fault.
Ban all sensationalist media and put all hipster/SJW/whatever journos into work camps.
Unless you're an anime girl, colored hair gets you sent straight to the ISIS rape farms where you will learn to respect Islam and glorify multi-culturism the correct way.


No, I'd say you handle power extremely well. For you. It sounds like your planned utopia is basically taking the current societal model and making small-ish modifications to it, rather than what would realistically be required; a revolution in both a psychical and ideological sense. I'd like to focus on the child-rearing portion specifically:

"The child's rights are extremely minimal; They earn their rights with age and showing competence. A child is not allowed Internet or authority over long-term decisions until they are at least 16 years old, at which point they are allowed to take their first steps into important decision-making by arguing their cases to a counselor for two years before they're considered an adult at 18, at which point they continue making their decisions on their own."

Ok, and? You seem to be arguing that the current basic educational framework as it stands (assuming first-world education is the standard) is enough to establish a solid grounding into stable adulthood - but to me it just sounds like you're an old person complaining about "those darn kids these days". Children aren't just small adults; they have to grow into something resembling a respectable person through solid teaching and a responsible upbringing. What example should they follow? Is the granting of rights and privileges enough to motivate self-actualization in and of itself? Will they "argue their cases" against a standardized checklist of approved responses (and if so, how can you guarantee the system won't devolve into corruption and favoritism, as such systems often do)?
Well I wasn't complaining "those darn kids" I was more complaining "those damn parents." Every parent is trying to push a lot of responsibility and ideology onto a very young kid, hence the seven-year-olds who want to change gender cus mommy is a special little snowflake who likes girls. Take away a kid's ability to make long-term decisions until they're old enough to be in charge of their own body before you give them power to destroy said body. There's no intellectual challenge to a teenager who only hangs around people who tell them what to think. Make independent thoughts a mandatory requirement (or join the vegetables.)

I wasn't thinking of any response being "approved" against a checklist as such, either. I was originally going to implement a rule that all learning must have factual basis, in the sense that if a hypothesis in the scientific community holds up to peer review and testing, then it is approved to be taught in a school. But that would mean that kids would start having a lack of abstract thinking, and controversial ideas would be taboo, and that'd just be an even bigger problem in the long run. Instead then I figured that the curriculum might as well stay as is, but when they hit an age where you start having financial independence and start thinking of higher education or career, then there will always be a mandatory adult present who is knowledgeable of what that shit takes, how realistic those plans are, and whether someone can show, in order:

- self-preservation
- self-reliance
- rational conversation when facing opposition

It wouldn't be so much checking to see that the responses are approved, but that the kid isn't just pulling shit out of their ass and rambling incoherently. I don't care if a kid goes left, right, center or side-to-side, but they must be able to formulate that opinion into a sentence that makes sense;

"Do you love our leader?"
"Why not?"
"Because he's a racist."
"What makes him a racist?"
"Because dad said he is."
"Failing marks, see you next week. I'll reserve you four hours of research time on the library computer for Friday, bring back any material that argues your case and memorize your key points. You get passing grades once you can either prove he's a racist or you switch your opinion to reflect whatever information you can find, which you must then argue for while I'll take the opposition. Good day."

As for corruption and favoritism, there's no way. All systems fall that way. This is my utopia, and utopias are impossible to achieve. The utopia thought experiment more reflects your own attitude and what you wish was the norm for all people, hence why I think any art vandals would be executed. I fucking despise spitting on someone's hard work (physically, I mean - metaphorically it's all good.)

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I like to bounce the idea of running a country around sometimes but the entire Earth is a bit of a difficult scenario to grasp.

My first order of business would probably be to limit and regulate immigration for every country. Aside from exchange students or going to schools overseas immigration and emigration would be nearly stopped for probably around 5 to 10 years.
In those 5 to 10 years there'd be a big cultural and developmental push. All countries would have to follow 1st world health and eco standards. Foreign businesses would be frowned upon and local businesses would be taxed less. The idea is to get as many countries self-sufficient and get a handle on all their resources as soon as possible. Any country that couldn't get it's shit together would just be given over to whatever other local country that did. My utopian idea of the world would probably be 7 to 10 massive empires with an idealistic through line that brings all the provinces of said empire together. Preferably they would all have their own market or resource niche to keep their powers in check but that's probably too much too ask even for a fictional utopia.

There would be a massive education reform. Jobs and careers would fall under 3 or so categories based on skills and requirements and upon entering highschool kids which get to choose whatever branch they wanted to follow. Less scattershot learning and more focused. They would be able to change directions if they wanted to or later on someone wanted a job in a different "category". All secondary education would be free but only if you join the military or some other government system for 3 to 4 years. Free education without discipline and interest is wasted.

As every country learns more about its land and it's people ecological preservation would be a large focus. Also cleaning plastic out of the ocean would be a worldwide effort.

I'd want every town and city to visit it's community center more frequently. I want to have people be more social and a place where people can get together and talk is important. Maybe I'd make every place but the community center and a few others places closed on Sunday, stop a lot of TV broadcasts and just have it be a chill day where you have to go outside or something.

Hmm, there's just so much to think about, it's really difficult. I guess there's my basic outline of some things but I'm a micro-manager so to get a very clear vision of what I'd want I'd have to a few pages and no one gives a shit about that.


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I would choose to operate on American ideals, no sweeping changes to society that ends with everyone I don't like dead or incarcerated, no massive changes to tax structure, at least not at first.

The big change I would do is no voting unless you have a verified ID AND proof you paid taxes in the last year. At least a good third of problems would be eliminated with that. After that, we'll see how things go.


1. Maintain population at 50 Billion
2. Ipads in every school
3. Euthanasia program to deal with the sick and old
4. Establish a moon base by building a space elevator with carbon nanotubes and mag-lev trains to supply it.
5. Use sea-floor agriculture to sustain population
6. Institute a 'trash economy'; cubes of trash are used as a medium of exchange, making everyone rich.
7. Force everybody to live in massive tiered cities where a rule class called 'the excelsiites' entertain themselves in structures called 'pleasure domes' while the underclass starves.
8. State-enforced homosexuality.
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You have until the age of 25 to finish whatever education you're pursuing. You can submit an application for an extension if you've been having personal problems interfering with it, or if the education requires more time, which would give you an automatic extension approval. After 25, if you have no excuse for not having a higher education, you're doing exactly the kind of shit job the government tells you to.
How would you handle funding of college? Some degrees are worth more than others, would they get leniency?


National Donut Day once a month. Everybody gets free donuts. If you don't like donuts, alternative with whatever pastry you like.
Advertising must be close to what you're advertising, otherwise you're liable for fraud or misleading.
World trading must be approved by method of communication and apathy. Sorta like the UN, but every country is no better or worse than another. Middle East would be as much of fault as any other country.
If you're a woman, you get a discount on tires. Provided you do some exercises. And a reliable driving record.


Okay, I'll do a real one this time.

First off we must create one race. A unified Earth cannot work with multiple races and nationalities. Using genetic research and selective breeding I would breed an ideal race. High intelligence, low cholesterol, low chance for disabilities that a result of genetics. The men would be tall, muscular, and have large penises. The women would be fertile and have a propensity to have pale skin, reddish-orange hair, freckles, and green eyes. I would attempt to take the best aesthetic features from each race, but that would be a little tricky. The only phenotype that I know are the best humanity has to offer are ginger features in women.

Next we have to make a new religion and a new culture for our new race. The religion has to be oppressive enough to get people follow rules, not be degenerates, create families, and have kids, but I wouldn't want it to go full Islamist. I would be canonized as a saint or demigod, but I'd try not to be a dick about it. The culture would take the best parts of collectivism and individualism; high emphasis is put on families, but there is still enough room for outstanding people to go out and do great work for society.

The economy would have elements of socialism and capitalism. People are free to start private businesses, but any organization that grows large enough to be a threat to the state will be brought to heel.

The government would be focused on using the Earth's resources in a sustainable way and space-travel.

Every family gets a free Blu-ray copy of the first three seasons of Slayers.
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How would you handle funding of college? Some degrees are worth more than others, would they get leniency?
My country doesn't have colleges. Reading up on how colleges work in the US, I would abolish the damn things anyway. Instead there's vocational, higher vocational and university schooling. University is only available for anyone who finishes high school, which isn't mandatory.

You finish primary school by age 16, and then you either go to high school for more education and eligibility for higher military roles in officer school or university education, or you pick a vocational school that teaches you a single profession immediately. There's no college.

As for funding, government-funded. You either pay out of your own pocket to do the courses you want, or you do an entrance exam where you gain the privilege of learning at that school free of charge through a set curriculum with cheaper housing and student payments. If you fuck up, it's off to the shitty job to pay that shit back in taxes that originally paid for your chance in the first place.
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