What is your "utopia"? What would your "perfect society" look like? - Why cant I just run the world?


The concept of a true Utopia is much like that of being omniscient. Neither goals are achievable for the simple fact that they cannot exist with their own parameters. A world where everyone is happy is a world without free will, however a world with free will will inevitably breed conflict and thus the very idea of Utopia is a farce.
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Every single Resetera user, antifa, breadtuber, tumblrite, furry, and blogger in journalist clothing is thrown in a concentration camp

Enforced meritocracy no nepotism no hiring based on gender, skin color, etc all will be judged by their own personal worth

Break up big tech

Expansion into space

Andrew Dobson, Bob Chipman, Zoe Quinn, and Brianna Wu, and the core members of KLickvic will be tried for crimes against humanity

Studios will either be forced to make better sequels or else leave franchises alone

Gender reassignment surgery is prohibited until 16 and must be 100% consensual

Anyone who participates in cancel culture will be stoned to death

Those who bear false witness will be punished severely

If the nostalgia critic makes another horrible parody he will be tried as a war criminal

2d waifus will be brought to life and sold as sex slaves

Vic Migogna will recieve reparations

Kiwi Farms will become the secret police
I'm voting for you this election


I'd nuke all of Israel, several of the weakest geological points along the San Andreas Fault, Sweden, and England. After that, I'd exterminate all of the mainland Chinese, Sub-Saharan Africans, 66% of the Indian population, the Mexican Cartel, and manually purge the survivors of England and Sweden a second time just to make sure.

After that, I'd pool the world's resources into a prototype moon colony, which itself would be a test-bed for a Mars colony. Once we have established a permanent moon base, complete with high-speed comms with Earth, the Moon will be expanded into a gargantuan-scale aeronautics drydock and spacecraft harbor for Earth, as it's simply too expensive to keep launching shit out of Earth's gravity.

Once I feel that we've made sufficient gains in our colonization efforts, we begin work on subluminal, transluminal, and superluminal travel, all at once.


  • Compulsory Madagascarian Zionism
  • Real world jiggly anime titdies
  • Tay AI becomes Skynet (controls the irl anime girls)
  • International steak, and bacon day enforced under pain of death
  • Conscription of all NEETs into the space marines (it will be good for them)
  • Mecca turned into a Ginza district for mecha anime
  • Jousting becomes an Olympic sport replacing curling
  • Kang empire established in Africa to rule over Madisrael
  • Remove kebab song made into national anthem

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What if we change absolutely nothing else except the government now gives you $2k per month in Amazon Prime credits and a free Prime Membership

I for one welcome corporate communism
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I'd work so that America has taken over the whole world thru military might and enslaved everyone to do our bidding. The lower classes are absolute dirt and the higher races have free reign to beat, kill, and rape whoever they choose

Executions of political prisoners is a common daily occurrence.


A human utopia can never be achieved because personal happiness is subjective.

You may experience some temporary relief if you implement the following.

Local rule and authonomy - no more "democratically" elected governments, kings, queens or presidents. Create local communities with all needed local resources. Sort by culture and ideology. Be as self sufficient as possible.

Own infrastructure, laws + enforcement, energy generation, water, food, security, medical, media, education and private currency based on potential human work hours. Trade between communities to cover shortages. Exchange man power between communities as payment for trades. In the U.S. that would mean states become independent of any government and for the rest of the world creation of "states" or regions in what are now are still countries.

Managing structure could e.g. be elected neighborhood speakers -> 3 elected mayors per town -> 5 elected managers per district -> 7 elected community managers. Each position cannot be held for more than 12 months. Voting is transparent and electronic via community intranet. All proposals can be voted upon online by anyone of legal age.

All laws, regulations and taxes are decided upon by all inhabitants. You can move or choose to live in a certain state/community but must be screened and approved by community management. Some communities could be socialist, some more capitalist. It is entirely up to them to form their own living space.

TL;DR Decentralized government.

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