What money making ideas have you thought of that the site could use. -

Oskar Dirlewanger

SS-Oberführer of 36th Waffen Grenadier Division
Null should just embrace his Florida heritage and sell meth.
Tbh Null seem like a smart and tech-savvy boy, he could probably pull it off. I heard he lives somewhere in eastern europe, Czech Republic is a major methamphetamine nexus for the entire region, hook up a source, find out a way for purchasers to buy it anonymously with crypto, have a safe delivery way. I'm always short on meth so I would definitely welcome one more way to purchase this natural and healthy supplement.

Oskar Dirlewanger

SS-Oberführer of 36th Waffen Grenadier Division
I'm shocked you'd take the Czech knockoff instead the original Pervitin made in Germany.
Pure medical grade meth is a superfood but v. hard to get, Czech meth is not really a knock off though, meth you can get in Europe is kinda good, all made in Czechia with polish ephedrine, it's rather good quality. It helps that meth isn't really that popular in the region, the poor man's drug of choice is street amphetamine (with the actual amphetamine content averaging on 3-4%) or mephedrone.


get a top 5 in every topic and have an auction every week.
You want to have lolcow thot XY in the top 5? pay for it.


Rawdog is the lawdog.
With NewProject2 up and running, we see that there are a few payment processors that are willing to gamble on people such as us. With that in mind, create some sort of embedded streaming service that can handle super-chat donations.

The idea is that the site could collect a portion of each superchat as a means of supporting it, though I imagine the initial cost of such a service is probably well out of the reach of the Farms, presently.
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Turd Burglar

g⃣ a⃣ r⃣ b⃣ a⃣ g⃣ e⃣ d⃣ a⃣ y⃣ 🎄
I like to flip things I find at thrift stores. It's fun to upcycle and recycle things that people should use instead of buying brand new all the time.
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If autism is a spectrum, then I’m a microwave
When you use the Konami Code on the front page, it takes you to a secret store where you can buy drugs with BAT.

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