What tea/coffee are you drinking? -

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I grind a cup of coffee daily, not too bothered about brand but usually go for local brands and avoid the cheap store brands. Can't stand the taste of flavored coffee or creamer so I only put a bit of m.ilk in with no sugar. Currently grinding through a bag of Jumping Bean Deep Water Roast and enjoying it a lot, really liking the dark roast.

For Tea, I am far less picky about and it really depends on my mood, usually just grab whatever sounds/smells nice from DavidsTea. Currently drink their Silk Dragon Jasmine green tea in the afternoons and it's refreshing.
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SF Bay coffee pods, since I've got a Keurig. We buy big variety packs so we can pick whatever type we feel like on a given day. I love a good dark roast, and they have some really great ones.

For tea, I pretty much exclusively drink Twinings Irish Breakfast Tea, but sometimes I grab a nice chai for a change of pace.
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Maté tea in a gourd through a metal straw is something I like. I disagree with Pope Francis on most things, but Maté tea is good. I think it's ubiquitous in Argentina.
Lebanese love it, too. Adults drink the first steep (because it is stronger and more bitter), but after another steep or two, they put a little sugar and warm milk in and let the kids have that.

I recently found out I'm allergic to coffee (WTF) so I had to switch to tea. I've tried a bunch of different kinds. Had some gorgeous loose tea from Lebanon that had rose buds and other flowers mixed in with it, but you can't buy it here, but that one is my absolute favorite. So, I stick with basic Irish breakfast tea because it has the most caffeine. I switch it up with green tea and honey. I used to love a spiced tea that has cinnamon, cloves, and orange in it, but I'm also allergic to cinnamon now (again, WTF).
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Papa Adolfo's Take'n'Bake

It's screamin' good.
Generic, drip pot hot coffee - Freshly ground of whatever at the store looks interesting.

Everyday summer: Kimbo or Café Bustelo espresso out of a bialetti , sweetened with honey and then dumped over ice water

Everyday winter: Hot Kimbo or Bustelo in milk.


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Hazelnut from Black Rifle Coffee Company.
Its pretty good, and the other half likes the fact that the company was started by veterans, and donates to military-related charities.

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I love Swiss brand lemon iced tea, but the place I live doesn't stock it. I'd much rather be a tea addict than be addicted to soda, but I really should try to kick my sugar cravings altogether.