Where were you on 8/11? - On the day of the harvest, each of us experienced it differently.

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I got bored and checked the farms. Saw it in the announcements, in disbelief I decided to watch the video.

Huge mistake.


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I was watching Live with everyone else here. I can’t recall but PO had finished his stream and people moved onto Cucks stream, he was teasing a lot of drops if I recall so people were prepared for the stream, just not what occurred during it.

I thought we had just peaked in terms of Ralph’s Depravity when that video and link got out which is somewhat true but he’s held steady being a complete piece of shit these past few months.

I checked back in the original thread and I brought up the question of if this was Revenge Porn.

Post in thread 'Ethan Ralph / TheRalphRetort'

And we now have a Gunt in Court before Christmas, all this within 4+ months.


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I was catching up on the main thread, because it had been moving so fast. I finally made it up to the most recent page, and then I saw someone posted “did Ralph just post his sex tape?” or something like that. I thought it was someone trolling, and then people started posting screenshots and replays of Kerr’s stream. At that moment, I knew I would be glued to the thread for days.