Where’s Tommy been and what has he been doing - Conspiracy thread

Banh Xeo

Tôi nói những trang trại này an toàn để lướt sóng
What’s his rental situation? Is it possible as it’s close to the beginning of the month he has had his internet/electricity/front door shut off?

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lol. that man is an individual with his own opinion, you unbelievably intellectually dishonest , disusting elitist scum. legitimate academics don't formulate such utterly invalid opinions on the basis of some old navajo medicine man's ramblings English without a single Dine word in his entire rant. you're a joke, my bitch.

In the Diné language, there are at least six genders: Asdzáán (woman), Hastiin (male), Náhleeh (feminine-man), Dilbaa (masculine-woman), Nádleeh Asdzaa (lesbian), ‘Nádleeh Hastii (gay man). All come from the Diné creation story, in which asdzáán and hastiin, a cisgender married couple, were not getting along and separated. When that happened, dilbaa and náhleeh emerged from hiding and were seen as a special group that could perform the duties of both women and men, stepping into the vacated partner roles. They were accepted by asdzáán and hastiin, who realized their survival depended on them.

Found Waldo. Must've been waiting for literally anyone to become a paid subscriber to his Substack. Took all of 11 days into July to see the writing on the wall.