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Followup on Skrewball experiment: Chambord too sweet, tried a Strawberries and Cream liqueur with good results. Trying Creme de Banana next and gonna add a crispy bacon slice as a stirstick/garnish.
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I bought a single malt Speyside scotch. Forgot which one it was but fuck me it's good. Also expensive.
Speyside is probably the single most productive whisky region in Scotland, so that's not narrowing it down much.

But! If you can get hold of it, my favourite speyside is Dufftown. It has a funky bottle and it tastes like walking in an orchard in spring right after someone has mowed the grass.


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It was Cragganmore. Asked for a spicy scotch and that's what the salesman recommended. I'll try Dufftown though.

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I have a young Dufftown coming up next once I clear out a few bottles, not tried the distillery before and looking forward to it :)

Throwing out a rec for speysider Dailuaine if you come across it, it doesn't have much in the way of official bottlings, but is an absolute fruit bomb.

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