Who is your favorite Nicktoon? - And do you main them in NAB

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Princess Peaches

👻I’m going ghost!👻
True & Honest Fan
Now that the best game ever Nickelodeon Allstars Brawl is out who should be in the game? Who is your main?

Mine’s Danny, the correct answer. 62742D47-22C7-40AE-9595-B75E58932707.png8D1B859A-ABD3-4F29-8A69-6B1AF6AF692C.jpeg46826686-C203-436B-B552-B02BD8F35893.png

David Brown

I watched some of the videos showcasing the characters and man, it looks like shit. They hired the finest talent from the lowest bidder to make an indie-tier smash clone. Not that Smash owns that genre but it's so derivative it's embarrassing. I'm sure some people will have fun with it, and please do.